iPhone 5 May Launch This Summer

New speculation puts the iPhone 5 launch date as July or August and suggests that the handset will have an 8MP camera and SIM-less design.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion 'Nearly Ready'

The next generation of Mac OS X, Lion, is nearly ready for a full launch and is being tested internally at Apple, according to reports.

Apple Jockeys to Boost iPad 2 Production

Apple has reportedly engaged a new backlight module supplier in order to boost production of the iPad 2.

MacDefender Malware Morphs to More Dangerous Variant

Security experts warn that a new, more dangerous variant of the MacDefender malware has been spotted in the wild.

All Foxconn Polishing Plants Closed

Foxconn has closed down all of its workshops that polish the components it makes for inspection after a fatal blast on Friday.

Next IPhone to Be 'Smaller and Thinner', but No E-SIM

The next iPhone will be smaller and thinner than its predecessor, though Apple has been persuaded not to use an e-SIM system, according to the head of European carrier Orange.

Apple Said to Seek Smaller SIMs for Skinnier Devices

Apple wants to SIM cards to be made smaller in order to enable the creation of thinner devices, according to network operator Orange.

iPhone Manufacturers Said Gearing up for Next Gen

Reports from Taiwan suggest that Apple is planning to begin manufacture of the next-generation iPhone -- to be called the iPhone 4S -- in August.

Apple Offers Free Repairs for Quake-Damaged Gadgets

Customers who need their Apple wares repaired as a result of the earthquake and tsunami in Northeast Japan can get their devices fixed for free.

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iPhone 5 Edge-to-Edge Screen: More Evidence

Ad for case bolsters talk of an edge-to-edge display that would let Apple enlarge the iPhone screen while keeping the chassis the same size.


Apple Sales 'Up 113 Percent in April'

Analysis of supply chain data shows strong sales, although short of previous months' increases.

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More Hints of iPod Nano Camera Emerge

On the back of leaked photographs that appear to show an iPod Nano with a camera, further evidence that Apple is planning new features for the Nano has emerged.

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IPad 2 and IPhone 4 Shortages on the Way?

Customers wanting to buy the iPad 2 or iPhone 4 this summer could face frustration, according to a report.

The Queen Reportedly Wants an iPad 2

The Queen is lusting after an iPad after seeing grandsons William and Harry using one of the Apple tablets, it has been reported.