Steve Jobs Ranked Third in Engineering Heroes List

Steve Jobs has come out ahead of Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton and Bill Gates in a list of Engineering Heroes.

Apple Will Beat Google, Microsoft, VC Says

Apple is winning the battle for control of the Internet with its app-focused model, according to a leading venture capitalist.

Apple May Switch to ARM Chips in Laptops

Apple will drop Intel processors from its laptop line-up by 2013, instead using chips based on ARM architecture, according to a report.

Android Captures More of the Smartphone Market

Google's Android OS had 35 percent share of the smartphone market for the first quarter of 2011. Nokia had 24 percent of the market and iOS had 19 percent.

New iPhone Isn't Expected in June or July

The less-than-startling revelation was reportedly made in a conversation between an AT&T representative and a customer.

White IPhone 4 'Not Thicker Than Black Model'

The white iPhone 4 is not thicker than its black counterpart, as has previously been claimed, according to Consumer Reports.

Apple Explains White iPhone 4 Delay

A lack of UV protection was the reason for the nine-month delay in the launch, according to Apple's senior vice president.

iTunes Cloud Music Service to Start Free, Then Charge

Apple hasn't revealed the exact price it is planning to charge for an annual subscription to the service.


Sharp May Make iPhone 6 LCD Panels

Reports emerged earlier this month that Apple had dropped Sharp as an LCD supplier for the iPhone, instead choosing to invest heavily in a new manufacturing plant with Toshiba.

Amazon Quotes Steve Jobs in Countersuit Against Apple

Amazon points out that Apple's chief executive has used the term 'app stores' in a generic sense.

Apple Drops Attempts to Trademark 'Pod'

The company reportedly gave up on its seven-year battle earlier this month.

Homer Simpson Comes to TomTom iOS App

Homer will say things like: "Make a U-turn," "Ha ha, you've goofed," and, unsurprisingly "D'Oh!".

Steve Jobs 'Wants to be Back as Soon as He Can'

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is eager to return to work just as soon as he can, according to chief operating officer Tim Cook.

Greenpeace Chides Apple for 'Dirty Data'

Apple's new $1 billion data center in North Carolina is a power hog, the environmental group charges.

Apple Store Employees' Vacation Restricted in May: Does Report Foreshadow a Product Launch?

Apple Store employees have reportedly been told that they cannot take any leave between 20 May and 22 May as the chain approaches its 10th anniversary.