Smaller IPad Prototypes 'Delivered to Apple'

Prototypes of a new, 7.85-inch iPad have been delivered to Apple for verification and could enter production in the third quarter, a report claims.

Apple iPad 3 Shipments Heading to the United States?

Reports say supplier Foxconn is preparing to ship the first Apple iPad 3 units to the United States.

Apple-Samsung Patent Fight 'Huge'

Apple's latest lawsuit is focused, significant, and on the fast track, a patent law expert says.

Apple's Biggest Tablet Rival? Apple

Sales of Apple's iPad in could have been even greater if it weren't for the iPhone 4S, an analyst says.

App Store Nears 25 Billion Downloads

Apple is offering a $10,000 Gift Card to the person who downloads the 25 billionth app from the iOS App Store.

Apple Sold More iOS Devices in 2011 Than Macs Ever

Last year's sales of iPhones, iPads, and iPods topped nearly three decades of Macintosh products, according to analysts.

Foxconn's iPad Facility is 'First Class,' Labor Group President Says

Over the next three weeks, around 35,000 employees will be interviewed by the Fair Labor Association.

Apple Seeks Permission to Sue Kodak Over Patents

The dispute between Apple and Kodak relates to the ownership of certain patents covering digital cameras and images.

Steve Jobs Gets Posthumous Grammy

A Grammy Trustees Award recognizes the late Apple CEO's role in creating products that transformed the entertainment industry.

iPad 3 Expected First Week of March

The buzz intensifies amid leaks, peeks, and reports of an imminent announcement of an update to the iPad.

iTunes Match Is 'Magic Money', Says Music Industry Exec

A music industry executive has said that Apple is creating 'magic money' for rightsholders with its iTunes Match service.

iPhone Repair Policy Helps Thieves, Report Claims

Apple's policy of replacing broken iPhones plays into the hands of criminals who steal the handsets, damage them, and swap them, analyst says.

Apple Accused of Ignoring 'Human Cost' of Manufacturing

Some former executives and contractors join in the chorus questioning the operations of Apple's international suppliers.