Report: iPhone 5 'Will Have 4-inch Display, Launch in Q3'

Trial production of the iPhone 5, which will have a larger edge-to-edge display than its predecessor, has already begun, a report claims.


Controversial 'Gay Cure' App Pulled From App Store

A controversial app that promoted a 'cure' for homosexuality in the name of Jesus has been pulled from the App Store.


Apple Will Gobble Most Touchscreens

Apple will continue to be the most voracious consumer of touchscreens over the next two years, according to predictions from DisplaySearch.


Apple Seeks Beatles' Apple Logo

Apple wants the exclusive right to use two Granny Smith logos originally seen on The Beatles' records.

iPad 2 Online Orders Backlogged Further

Apple has extended the estimated shipping times for US customers ordering an iPad 2 online, further increasing the tension for international customers.


White iPhone 4 'Coming in Spring'

Apple's Phil Schiller reportedly confirms the forthcoming release of a white iPhone.


iPad 2 Sales May Hit 2 Million Already

Apple could have sold as many as half a million iPad 2s in the device's first weekend on sale, according to an analyst.


Sir Richard Branson Loves Apple

Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin brand, has stated that he'd be open to the idea of a merger with Apple.


Who is the Longest-Serving Apple Employee?

It's not CEO Steve Jobs. It certainly isn't Steve Wozniak. Who's got the most seniority?

Adobe Endorses Apple, Google Subscription Models

Adobe has announced support for Apple's App Store Subscriptions and Google's One Pass in its Digital Publishing Suite.


Apple's MacBook Pro Gets Head Start with Thunderbolt

Intel is cutting deals with other vendors, but new systems running the fast connection technology may not appear until 2012.


Apple to Intro Intel's Light Peak Technology?

Apple could be about to announce a new connection technology based on Intel's Light Peak, a report claims.

Revamped MacBook Pro Expected in March

The MacBook Pro product line is due to be refreshed at the beginning of next month, according to reports.


Cheaper iPhones Reportedly in the Works

Apple is reported to be working on cheaper, more versatile iPhones in order to better compete with Android-based handsets.