UK iPhone Scammer Jailed for Eight Months

A man has been jailed for eight months for his part in a scam where iPhones were fraudulently obtained from Orange stores around the UK.

Steve Jobs' Death Exploited by Scammers

Unscrupulous scammers are aiming to take advantage of the news of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs' death, security experts have warned.

Fortune Releases Steve Jobs History E-Book

"All About Steve: The Story of Steve Jobs and Apple from the Pages of Fortune" has been released on Amazon as a Kindle book.

Fake iPhone Ring Reportedly Busted in China

Police in Shanghai have broken up an operation making and selling fake iPhones to the Chinese market, according to reports.

Jobs Tried to Settle Samsung Patent Dispute in 2010

Testimony in patent lawsuit claims Apple tried to negotiate over the Samsung Galaxy smartphone before heading to court.

Analyst Raises Apple Product Sales Estimates

Goldman Sachs suggests sales of the iPhone, iPad and Mac "could sharply exceed our prior expectations," according to a report.

Apple Looks to Japan for DRAM, NAND Flash Supply

The company is trying to reduce its reliance on Samsung as a supplier, reports claim.

Only One New iPhone This Year, Analyst Says

Speculation still swirls about Apple's plans, with other analysts firmly in the two new iPhones camp.

iPhone 5 Buyer Gets Ready to Camp out

We're pretty sure that we know when the iPhone 5 will be announced and one man is already gearing himself up to get in the queue.

Apple's iPad Still Leads the Tablet Pack, Says Gartner

Apple's iPad will have a 73.4 percent share of the tablet market by the end of 2011, down from 83 percent at the end of 2010, according to Gartner.

Microsoft Exec Forced Out Over Tweet

A Microsoft product manager who tweeted about an unreleased Nokia handset has since left the company, it has emerged.

Apple Pulls 'Jew or Not Jew' App from French App Store

The developer protests that the controversial app that identifies the religion of celebrities and public figures is "intended for fun."

Book Helps Acquaint Seniors with iPad

Author aims to help members of the older -- and wiser -- generation learn to use Apple's iPad effectively.

iPhone 5 Production Delays Reported

The tear-shaped design is reportedly causing manufacturing issues.

IPhone 5 Will Be 'Fairly Different,' Report Indicates

We don't have very long to wait until the iPhone 5 is launched, according to a new report.