Next-Generation iPhone Said 4G-Ready

Reports say China Mobile is working with Apple to bring its fourth-generation TD-LTE mobile data connection to the next iPhone.

Apple has More Cash than the U.S. Government

The federal government finds itself with less cash on hand than the most cash-rich tech company.

Apple Still Bet to Bid for Hulu

Reports simmer about Apple's interest in the video service, which went up for sale last month.


Apple's iPad Eats into PC Market

The iPad's share rose from 7 percent in January to 11 percent now, according to a report.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Expected Next Week

Several reports say Apple is close to releasing Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, possibly followed shortly by a refreshed MacBook Air.

Two New iPhones Said Due in September

Not just one new iPhone but two are coming from Apple in September, according to a report.

Apple Promises iOS Update to Plug Hole

Apple has promised a fix for an vulnerability in the way that iOS handles PDF documents that enables users to wirelessly jailbreak iOS devices.

iPad 2 'Plus' Could Ship This Year, Analyst Says

Watch for a third-generation iPad with a higher resolution display this year.

Thinner, Lighter Next-Gen iPhones Expected

Apple has placed orders for components that will be used in the next-generation iPhones, according to a report.

iPhone 5 Reported in Production for September Release

Taiwanese notebook manufacturer Pegatron Technology has received orders for 15 million units from Apple, reports from Taiwanese industry sources claim.

iPad 2 Production Could Mean Hassle for Amazon

Amazon's rumored tablet device could face production constraints because Apple's iPad 2 dominates the available tablet production capacity.

iPhone 5 Edge-to-Edge Screen Confirmed?

Has an app developer inadvertently given away the fact that the next-generation iPhone will have an edge-to-edge display?

iCloud to Cost $25 Yearly (Eventually)

Apple will offer the multimedia storage service free initially.

Adobe: Flash Dispute with Apple is 'Over'

It's not that Flash will appear on iPads, but that Android will soon dominate mobile devices, Adobe CEO says.

Apple Cracking Down on iPhone, iPad 'Giveaways'

Promotions using iPad and iPhones as bait are coming under closer scrutiny from Apple, according to reports.