Photo Basics: How to Compose a Photograph

Image composition is the process of making the subject of a photo clearer, and the overall image less complicated. These tips for beginner photographers explain the essential techniques needed for framing a great photo.


Sony Alpha A55: Speedy Shooting, Fast Focusing, and a See-Through Mirror

Sony's first translucent-mirror camera offers impressive continuous-autofocus capabilities, an amazing burst mode, and excellent image quality to go along with its smaller size. The major tradeoff is the lack of a through-the-lens optical viewfinder.


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Instead of making the same ho-hum New Year's resolutions you break every year, consider these resolutions specifically for photographers. It's easy to fall into...


Use Depth of Field to Take Better Pictures

When photographers talk about the “depth of field” in an image, they’re referring to how much of the picture they choose to have in focus. You may think “but...


Photo Paper Buying Guide

You spent time researching which camera and printer to buy, and you put effort into shooting great pictures. It doesn't make sense to load your photo printer up...

Seven Unusual Gadgets for Photographers

Few things are as satisfying as finding a simple gizmo that makes your photographic life easier, more productive, or both. We rounded up an assortment of cool...

7 Cool and Quirky Gadgets for Photographers

These photo-related accessories are useful, well-made, and worth consideration by any serious shooter, no matter what their skill level.