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Benj Edwards is a freelance writer who specializes in computer and video game history. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Vintage Computing and Gaming, a blog devoted to vintage technology.

The Five Most Important Mac Laptops

The Macintosh already enjoyed its silver anniversary this year, but it's not the only Mac product to hit a milestone in 2009. Twenty years ago this week, Apple...

The 11 Most Influential Microprocessors of All Time

From the brains of the Voyager space mission to the inspiration for modern CPUs, here are the chips that built our modern technological culture.

The 10 Worst Video Game Systems of All Time

You won't find many fanboys for these consoles, which unite terrible graphics with lousy games and underpowered hardware. Oh yeah--and some were obscenely overpriced, too!

The World's Weirdest Mice

A mouse is such a simple device that not even the worst inventor could screw it up, right? Wrong! We'll give you 13 examples.

Gadget Autopsy: The Nintendo Game Boy

Nintendo’s classic gaming handheld turns 20 years old this month. To celebrate its birthday, we took one apart on the workbench to see what makes this gaming legend tick.

The World's Weirdest Keyboards

Keyboards without keys, a vertical keyboard with mirrors on the side so you can see your fingers, and keyboards on which you type on the back: Get ready for some wacky input devices.

The Ten Greatest PC Games Ever

We examined 30 years of PC gaming history to identify ten of its all-time greatest games.

Five Forgotten Apple Products

With any company that's been around for more than 30 years--and with as many interesting, creative, and varied ideas Apple has...

The Computer Mouse Turns 40

From the halls of a university research lab to the desks of hundreds of millions of computer users, the computer mouse has...

Inside the Commodore 64

This pioneering PC made instant geeks out of millions of people back in the 80s. But what lies within the Commodore 64's fetching brown shell?

Microsoft Word Turns 25

A look back at the changes and challenges Microsoft's flagship word-processing program has been through during its first quarter-century.

Eight Ways the IMac Changed Computing

The iMac made an instant impression when Apple first unveiled it in May 1998.

Inside Nintendo's Classic Game Console

Lots of Americans know the Nintendo Entertainment System. Fewer know the Japanese console it was based on, the Nintendo Family Computer, also known as the Famicom. We'll take a look inside the Famicom and its accessories, including a unique disk system attachment.

Inside the World's Greatest Keyboard

From the satisfying click of its keys to its no-nonsense layout and solid steel underpinnings, IBM's 24-year-old Model M is the standard by which all other keyboards must be judged.

A Very Vintage Tech Christmas

In these nostalgic 1980s ads, home computers, floppy disks, and even robots bring the whole family together.