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Named by as one of the 10 most influential people in cloud computing, Bernard Golden serves as vice president of strategy for ActiveState Software, an independent provider of CloudFoundry. He is the author of four books on virtualization and cloud computing, his most recent book being Amazon Web Services for Dummies. Learn more about him at

Different Cloud Survey, Same Cloud Adoption Concerns

The Uptime Institute, a well-known and -respected organization that focuses on data center best practices and economics, recently released its 2012 Data Center Survey.

How to Address Cloud Application Lifecycle Challenges

Last week I wrote about the fact that IT organizations are now executing an "and" cloud computing strategy, in the sense that their future plans include (most...

CIOs' Cloud Strategy Must Include Public Cloud

For all the apprehension they may bring, public clouds demand a position in the enterprise IT strategy.

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3 Key Issues for Secure Virtualization

Deal with these three main security concerns to improve your virtualized IT environment.

How Cloud Computing Is Forcing IT Evolution

To say cloud computing is having a dramatic effect on IT is an understatement.

Beware Cloud Computing Advice From IT Research Firms

It's nearly 2012, and if IT research firms are telling you to consider moving low-risk applications to the cloud, it means two things: 1) You're hopelessly behind the times. 2) You need advice that's much more cutting-edge.

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The IT Jobs Cloud Computing Will Create

A presentation at last week's Gartner Symposium posited cloud computing will be a net destructor of IT jobs.

How Cloud Computing Will Change IT: New Predictions

IT is in a time of disruptive transition, caused by the rise of cloud computing.

The Cost Advantage Controversy of Cloud Computing

One of the topics most associated with cloud computing is its cost advantages, or lack thereof.

Cloud Security: The 2 Biggest Lies

Analysis: Surveys say security is the biggest concern of potential users with respect to public cloud computing.

Cloud CIO: How IT Can Become a Cloud Service Provider

One of the aspects of cloud computing I find most fascinating is the fact that much, if not most, of the discussion about it focuses on how it affects...

Cloud CIO: The Next Generation Cloud Offering

Recent announcements from Facebook and VMware reflect how profoundly cloud computing will change the nature of corporate IT in the future.

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Five Key Pieces of Advice For Cloud Rollout

The spread of enthusiasm for cloud computing seems unstoppable. Here's what to consider before getting started with a new cloud service.

Cloud CIO: 3 Private Cloud Use Case Scenarios

It is by now a truism that most IT organizations are planning an IT infrastructure strategy that includes cloud computing and that an internal cloud.