Bill BrennerCSO

Is It Time to Ditch the Antivirus?

To the average IT security practitioner, the idea of disabling antivirus on new machines might seem blasphemous.

Has RSA Jumped the Shark?

One editor reflects on RSA Conference 2009 weighing the good, bad, and 'shark jumping' moments.

Secure Digital Medical Records: Even Possible?

Heath care organizations are crafting an electronic security framework specifically for medical data.

Does Microsoft's Patch Tuesday Need Fixing?

Release of security patches on a regular basis is handy for planning, but does Microsoft's schedule keep up with security threats?

Not Among Friends: The Dangers of Social Networks

From sabotage to phishing, security risks to simple time-wasting, social networks are a hotbed of hazards.

Is West Wing BlackBerry Security Possible?

Former White House security specialist weighs in on whether President Obama will have a secure BlackBerry.

DHS and Cybersecurity: Yes, No, Maybe So?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has had a stained reputation almost from the start, and especially since its dismal performance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

5 Must-Do Cyber Security Steps for Obama

Security experts are urging President-Elect Barack Obama to pay attention to the nation's fragile cyber infrastructure.

Can Obama Keep His BlackBerry?

Analysis: Any responsible enterprise has security measures to handle mobile devices, so Obama should be able to take his BlackBerry into the West Wing with a little planning.

How Tech Caught the Jewelry Thief

Tech tools and Web maps are helping guard retail outlets and catch crooks more quickly, says a jeweler's IT department.


Mobile Malware: What Happens Next?

F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen sees more opportunities than ever for malicious activity on mobile phones.

FUD Watch: The E-Voting Disaster That Never Came

CSO Senior Editor Bill Brenner caught flack for suggesting there was a certain level of FUD surrounding the use of e-voting machines. Here's his response.

Why Security Needs More Joe The Plumbers

One lesson from the 2008 Global State of Security Survey is that too much of the security focus is in the hands of the techies, not enough in the hands of the wider workforce.

Anonymous Proxy Servers: Necessary or Evil?

Some security experts believe anonymous proxy servers are only necessary if you're up to no good, while others see them as a legitimate tool for research, pen testing and the like. Who's right?

Why Security Pros Hate SharePoint

Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration platform is all the rage in today's business world, especially since third parties gained the ability to plug security holes. But managing it can still be a nightmare for IT security shops.