Lenovo ThinkStation C20

Lenovo originally designed its compact ThinkStation C20 workstation for financial markets, but it can also be considered a powerful graphics workstation or software development platform.

Belkin N750 DB Router Extends Your Wi-Fi's Reach

If you've got problems with wireless access, Belkin's new dual-band router could increase the range of your Wi-Fi

10 Drive Docks Help You Re-Use Old Hard Drives

As we replace and/or upgrade older computers, many of us tend to save the hard drives, until we've amassed quite a collection. For example, I've collected quite...

Western Digital 3TB Caviar Green HD

The big buzz in hard drives right now is Western Digital's 3TB WD Caviar Green internal drive. Along with its cavernous capacity, the drive boasts a 64MB cache and is SATA 3Gbit/sec.-compatible.