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Dell Latitude E7440

Three can't-miss deals on Intel 'Haswell' PCs

As the holiday season approaches, PC makers are starting to clear their shelves. Here are three must-see deals on PCs you can score if you act fast.

When tech innovations bite users in the butt

Tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have an obligation to make technical changes tolerable for those who pay the bills.


Twitter's Fake Followers: Influence For Sale

From Lady Gaga to Obama, paid tweets and inflated followings game online reputations and call the whole system into question.

T-Mobile, MetroPCS Offer New Unlimited Data Plans: Pros and Cons

Competition is forcing some carriers to offer cheaper wireless plans. It's about time! But if you want to save some money, you've got to do your homework.


Microsoft Surface Fuels Fear and Loathing in PC Land

Tough talk about Microsoft's upcoming tablet is the latest sign of a PC industry in panic mode.

Google+: The Social Network Without Passion

While its usage is low, it's not quite the ghost town some claim, and there's a deeper story behind the numbers.

Should You Pay $99 to Have Microsoft Remove Bloatware from Your PC?

PC makers lard up their machines with all sorts of trial programs you would never want. Now Microsoft is offering to get rid of it, for a fee. But it seems crazy to pay someone to remove software you never wanted in the first place.


Reports of Intel's Death are Wildly Exaggerated

The ARM/Apple tsunami is gaining strength, but anyone who thinks it will swamp Wintel anytime soon is badly mistaken.

It's True: iPads are Starting to Replace Business PCs

Business interest in the iPad is increasing, as Android slips and Dell, HP, and RIM are irrelevant.

Check Forgery: It Can Happen to You

Want to hack someone's bank account?

The Tech Industry's Biggest Bozos of 2011

Léo Apotheker, Mark Zuckerberg, Reed Hastings, and the RIM twins are the bozos of the year, along with the iPhone 5 rumormongers.

Young People to IT Security: 'What, Me Worry?'

There's a new generation gap: Millennials want to use their own digital tools at work, regardless of corporate guidelines

4G Promises: Are Wireless Carriers Pulling a Fast One?

Verizon LTE wins speed tests, but the download speed of your “4G” phone, no matter what carrier, depends on wireless standards and location more than you think.

Beware the Mobile Tech Jobs Bubble

It turns out that Silicon Valley's tech jobs are short-lived, following a boom-and-bust cycle -- and mobile app dev could burst next.

3 Ways to Save Yourself After a Phishing Attack

Microsoft and Mozilla are exchanging heated jabs about whose browser is more secure, but your browser can only protect you so much from phishing attacks.