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San Francisco journalist Bill Snyder writes frequently about business and technology. He writes the Tech's Bottom Line blog for InfoWorld, and his work appears regularly in and the publications of Stanford's Graduate School of Business and the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley. He welcomes your comments and suggestions.

Why the Cloud Should Have Your Back-Up

Hard drives die, computers get stolen, and storage media becomes obsolete. Here's why and how you should back up your personal data in the cloud.

Holiday Travel Made Cheap and Easy — Click and Go!

Whether you're off to grandma's house or planning a dream trip, use these tips, tricks, sites and strategies to save money, time and hassle.

Android vs. iPhone: Don't Bet Your Business on Either One

Sadly the battle to win smartphone users' hearts -- and wallets -- has one clear loser: IT folks.

Google: The Bigger They Are, The Less Likely They'll Fail

Is Google too big to fail? When Google sneezes, the entire Web catches a cold — and perhaps worse.

Apple App Store Needs Reality Check

Apple is quick to ban controversial content, but slow to post bug fixes on its iPhone App Store.

Might Lawyers Ruin Open Source?

Developers who "knowingly" ship buggy software could be liable for damages. That might sound good for users, but sloppy guidelines could hurt open source.


Beware of Microsofties Bearing Gifts? Not This Time

Analysis: The only thing Linux folks have to fear is fear itself -- the days of fearing Microsoft and other commercial software vendors are over.

Redmond's Bad Attitude Brings Bad Earnings

Analysis: With sales and profits plunging, you'd think that Microsoft would be a little more humble. You'd be wrong.

Why I Should Not Have Bought the iPhone 3GS

Spotty 3G coverage and poor battery life take the luster off Apple's new star. But the roots of the problem are much deeper.


Social Networking Trumps Censorship Every Time

Analysis: Recent events underscore the futility of attempts to keep sex off the Web, something both governments and businesses repeatedly try to do.

Just Say No to an iPhone Rate Hike

Analysis: AT&T's delay on iPhone tethering and MMS could be an early warning that the new services will come at a steep price.

Share a File, Lose Your Laptop?

Antipiracy remedies are working, but Hollywood and the software industry are sponsoring a global agreement to crack down on consumers.

How to Land a Six-Figure Software Developer Job

New sites spill the beans on salaries, interviews, and trick questions.

Why AT&T and Apple Are Handcuffing Skype Users

Want to make a 3G Skype call on your iPhone? Too bad. Ma iPhone says Net neutrality doesn’t apply to the wireless world.


Breaking Apple's IPhone App Monopoly

Analysis: Why Apple's lock on the iPhone app market is bad for everyone involved.