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Microsoft's Woes Can't Be Blamed on Vista

Microsoft's lousy Q2 is due to economic turmoil and flagging PC sales.

Can You Make Money Selling iPhone Apps?

Selling mobile apps on Apple's iPhone App Store may seem like a surefire recipe for success. It isn't.

How Would Apple Rate If It Were Jobs-less?

The charismatic CEO may well leave in 2009. But with or without Jobs, Apple will remain a major force in the technology industry.

The Top 2008 Tech Tales You Missed

iPhone 3G, Windows 7, and cloud computing were important, but don't let them overshadow these key stories.

Open Source Web Is Nipping at Microsoft's Heels

Google's Native Client and Appcelerator's Titanium are moves away from desktop apps and toward a Web OS.


Open Source Is Dead -- Long Live Open Source!

The open source model is broken. Fighting Microsoft was a big mistake. And, yes, open source is the key to a better future.


Microsoft's Azure Won't Take the Cloud by Storm

Microsoft is the wrong company at the wrong time to dominate the cloud computing architecture of the future.

Analytics Vendors Show There's Still Innovation in BI

Demo Fall 2008: Cloud-based BI, semantic database search, and database acceleration stand out.

How to Start up Your Own Tech Startup

Follow the dream using advice from entrepreneurs who've made it work.

Open-source CRM Delivers More Control, Less Cost

IT leaders who can get past the idea that open-source CRM software doesn't cost enough say they like the power and flexibility of owning their own code.