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San Francisco journalist Bill Snyder writes frequently about business and technology. He writes the Tech's Bottom Line blog for InfoWorld, and his work appears regularly in and the publications of Stanford's Graduate School of Business and the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley. He welcomes your comments and suggestions.

Facebook Facial Recognition: Why It's a Threat to Privacy

Facebook facial recognition is more than just creepy. It has enormous potential for dangerous misuse of facial recognition data, and Facebook has a long record of misusing all sorts of data.

Security Hysteria: Let's Cut the Hype

Hackers are more malicious than ever, but the media- and vendor-fomented hysteria is misplaced. If it doesn't stop soon, expect to see Congress breathing down the neck of IT

Pity the Poor PC: First the iPad, Now iCloud

Tablet sales are up, PC sales are down, and here comes iCloud. What's poor Michael Dell to do?

Cell Phones and Cancer: 8 Precautions Worth Taking

The WHO's recent report that cell phones are possibly carcinogenic is not definitive data and has its skeptics, but Bill Snyder of writes that we all make our own decisions.

Will the Carriers Kill the Mobile Revolution?

Mobile usage keeps going up -- and so do data plan charges. This trend can't continue

Patent Trolls' Next Target: Independent Developers

The attack on a group of Apple developers shows how badly our patent system is broken and how vulnerable the mobile ecosystem has become

Chromebook: Are You Really Ready to Marry Google?

Do you want to marry Google, as a computing partner that is? If you do, the new Chromebook might make sense. If not, don't even think about buying one.

Google Voice: Are You Missing Out on the Coolest Features?

Google and Sprint didn't exactly cover themselves in glory last week. The much hyped integration of Google Voice and Sprint fell flat on its face.

RIM and Microsoft: Dance of the Zombies

Analysis: Their 'partnership' will change nothing in the mobile market, which is following the path of the iPod instead of Windows

Home Wi-Fi Security: 4 Steps to Avoid Trouble

The risks of not properly securing your home wireless network continue to increase.