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AT&T's Perversion of 'Free Speech' Would Let It Control the Internet

The Constitution's framers must be rolling in their graves in this abuse of the First Amendment, which the Obama Administration is caving on


The Internet at Risk: A Return to the Ma Bell Era

Comcast's bullying of Level 3 and Zoom Telephonics reveals the lack of broadband competition that threatens the Internet

5 Best Browser Innovations of 2010

The past year has seen a bundle of innovations in Web browsers, including social networking and the rise of HTML5.

Laptop, Netbook or Tablet: 7 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Your old PC is ready for the recyclers and it's time to buy a new one. Or is it? These days, we're fortunate to have a plethora of computing devices.

The New Facebook Threat to Business

Unable to keep users' personal info private, Facebook unveils a messaging system that will swamp IT with hard-to-defend traffic.

20 Must-Have IE and Firefox Shortcuts

Are you wasting time in your browser? Check out these easy tips for faster work with IE8 and Firefox.

20 Must-Have Internet Explorer and Firefox Shortcuts

If you spend hours and hours exploring the Web, try these keyboard shortcuts to get from points A to B faster and give your sore wrists a break.

Microsoft Scales the Heights -- of Cluelessness

The ads for Windows Phone 7 are the perfect metaphor for a company that's on the verge of irrelevance.


Adobe Systems

Adobe's Updated Reader: Thwarting or Tempting Hackers?

"Sandbox" technique promises to improve security, but may just be a challenge to defeat it.

Google Privacy Lesson: Tighten Your Wi-Fi Security

I hate to blame the victim, but people who inadvertently gave up personal data to Google's Street View cameras were really asking for trouble.

Mobile Phone Bill Shock: FCC, Carriers Face Off

If your wireless bill spiked by more than $18,000 one month, would you think that was a "trivial" issue? Of course not. But the big telcos and their...

The New IT Survival Guide: How to Thrive After the Recession

In the 'new normal,' businesses want more than tech skills from their hires; here are the changes IT pros should expect.