Blair Hanley FrankContributor, PCWorld

Romo Turns Your Android Into an Android

Awww, how cute: Romo turns your smartphone into a programmable automaton.


Text Adventures Live On With Inform Programming Language

Natural-language programming makes writing your own text-based adventure game simple and fun--and lets you earn geek cred in the process.

DIY Captain America Shield Can't Stop Bullets, But Makes a Mean Frisbee

This cardboard shield is the perfect companion for a long wait at a midnight showing.

Kinect Hack Turns Your Body Into a Music-Making Machine

The Synapse toolkit interfaces the Kinect with Ableton Live, and makes a mean dubstep.


Automatic Espresso Tamper Preps Your Puck at the Press of a Button

This machine takes the guesswork out of preparing a shot of espresso.


Lego Sandcrawler is Every Miniature Jawa’s Dream Vehicle

Minifigure scale Star Wars vehicle is remote-controlled, and it looks awesome.


Brainwave-Controlled Lightbulb Lets People Know When You’re Thinking

Bright idea lets others in on your thought processes, results in a flood of bad jokes and puns.


Strain of Bacteria Can Survive on Caffeine Alone, Doesn’t Sleep

Newly understood bacterium makes enzymes that can break down caffeine.


Pioneer AppRadio Will Bring iOS Apps to Your Car

New radio to feature a capacitive touchscreen, and iPhone connectivity.


Dumpster Drive: Share Your Digital Trash With the Cloud

A new experimental service aims to make digital dumpster diving possible.


New Electronic Golf Glove Proposes to Make Good Swings Easier

SensoGlove wants to give you feedback while you’re swinging.


Buttons 'Camera' Captures an Image--Just not Yours

Optics-free "camera" takes a snapshot of the time, and finds a picture to go with it. The catch: It isn't your picture...


Robot Plays Chess, Attempts to Assert Dominance Over Humans

A CNC plotter robot takes playing chess against a computer into the physical realm. Checkmate.


Lego Camera Takes Large-Format Snapshots, Is No Toy

This large-format camera made from Lego bricks takes some excellent pictures.


FIRST Robotics Competition’s 2011 Regional Season Is Worth a Look

What's cooler than reading about robots on Watching them in action. With three weeks left, this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition makes for a great weekend trip.