Text Adventures Live On With Inform Programming Language

Natural-language programming makes writing your own text-based adventure game simple and fun--and lets you earn geek cred in the process.

New Electronic Golf Glove Proposes to Make Good Swings Easier

SensoGlove wants to give you feedback while you’re swinging.

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Buttons 'Camera' Captures an Image--Just not Yours

Optics-free "camera" takes a snapshot of the time, and finds a picture to go with it. The catch: It isn't your picture...

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Robot Plays Chess, Attempts to Assert Dominance Over Humans

A CNC plotter robot takes playing chess against a computer into the physical realm. Checkmate.

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Lego Camera Takes Large-Format Snapshots, Is No Toy

This large-format camera made from Lego bricks takes some excellent pictures.

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Microsoft Announces Support for System on a Chip Architecture in Next Version of Windows

Change Paves the Way for New Tablet Devices Running Windows