Retro Games: What's Old Is New Again

Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man prove that gamers always have an appetite for the classics.

Analyst: PS2 Price Drop Will Help PS3

The PlayStation 2's recent price drop to $99.99 isn't a particularly exciting announcement for hardcore gamers.

Madden, Wii Fit Lead Global Game Sales

Two "evergreen" Wii games remain in the top five for third-quarter sales.

Street Fighter IV Fans Get Valentine

Capcom will ship the update on February 14 for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Capcom Tells Timeline for Street Fighter Updates

Street Fighter 4 will ship in Japan in February and Street Fighter HD Remix will be available this month for Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 to Break Your Wallet in November

A quick glance at the Xbox 360 release calendar in November proves there is something for everyone, namely shooters, action/adventure, and platformers.

Xbox 360 Camera Game Coming November 18

Microsoft says that You're in the Movies, the first game to use the Xbox Live vision camera, will arrive in two weeks.

Guitar Hero Drum Tuner Available for Download

Amid reports of unsatisfied World Tour owners, Activision has released a free PC application to correct drum sensitivity issues.

Release Dates of Wii Games Revealed

The release list includes dates for Wii Sports Resort, Punch Out, Sin and Punishment 2, Mario Tennis, and others.

Nintendo Plans to Double Wii Shipments

The Nintendo's shortage should end with the holiday season, when almost 4 million Wiis ship monthly.

Halo 3 Still the Most Popular Xbox 360 Game

The new Xbox 360 menu lets you browse games by popularity. That's where I found this list of the most popular games.

New Xbox Experience Uncloaked

The "New Xbox Experience" is a pretty pretentious name for a system update, but I still like what I see.

Violent Video Games Worry Nintendo Designer

The inventor of Mario and Donkey Kong says he's concerned about excessive violence in video games.


Xbox Live Primetime Delayed until 2009

Originally scheduled to launch in November, Microsoft's virtual game show over Xbox Live has been bumped to spring.

Sony Updates PSP Firmware

Both the PSP and PS3 can now browse, download directly to the system from the PlayStation Store.