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AT&T to Sell Wi-Fi iPads to Business Customers

If your company pays your AT&T wireless bill, you'll soon be able to buy Wi-Fi enabled iPads from the carrier, with the same data plans available for consumers.

Apple iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Tool Expected Sunday

A member of the Chronic Dev Team has tweeted that the heavily anticipated greenpois0n Apple iOS 4.1 jailbreaking solution will be released 10/10/10.


Apple Heads off iPhone 'Glassgate'

Apple is reportedly working behind the scenes to avert another wave of iPhone 4 complaints, this time about breaking glass panels.


Facebook's Busy Week: a TV appearance, Pushing Privacy, and Swatting Spam

The movie doesn't tell this story -- Facebook execs had a full schedule this week with new features, policies, and challenges.

Internet Explorer Browser Share Dips As Chrome Rises

Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which has dominated the Web browser market since blowing by Netscape in the late 1990s, last month fell below 50% market share.

Even iPhone 4 Doesn't Deter Android

Phones running Google's mobile operating system are marching to capture more of the market.


Bloglines Execution Delayed by One Month, which earlier this month said it was going to kill off its Bloglines RSS reader as of Oct. 1, has extended the life of the Web service by 1 month.

Amazon Prepping Android App Store, Tablet?

Amazon is reportedly readying an Android app store and tablet, a move that should boost Google's mobile platform while also challenging Google's Android Market.

Android Smartphones Winning Over Businesses, Report Finds

Companies are increasingly spending their smartphone dollars on Google Android devices, at least in part at the expense of RIM BlackBerry devices, according to ChangeWave.

Facebook: We Don't Build Phones

Facebook squelches rumors it has an Android smartphone on tap.


IPhones, IPads Secure Enough, But What About Android Devices?

Apple has done enough security-wise with its iPhone and iPad to make many CSOs comfortable with the mobile devices connecting to corporate networks.

Google: Android Froyo OS Is Hot, Fragmentation Remains

Google has released a breakdown of Android releases running on active smartphones. Here is a progress update on the Android army takeover.


Nexus One -- The Most Popular Unpopular Phone

Developers have snapped up the remaining stock of Google's smartphone, which is now off the market.


Dell Streak Teardown: Go Ahead, Drop the Tablet

Dissecting this sturdy tablet reveals advanced innards in a solid package.


How to Roll out Full Disk Encryption on Your PCs and Laptops

Hardly a week goes by when some organization or another doesn't lose some laptops and face a litany of IT security questions.