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Open Source Software a Frequent Flier on Virgin America

Virgin America's CIO says free and open source software is giving the fast growing airline a competitive edge in providing guest services vs. airlines.

Tech Titans Prone to Scandals

Ex-HP CEO Mark Hurd is just latest in long line of tech chiefs forced to resign.

Windows XP SP2 and 7 Other Things Microsoft Killed This Year

Be warned: Microsoft is thinning the herd; you may be on your own if anything you're still using is on this list.


Apple Acquires Online Mapper Poly9, Continues Buying Spree

Reported acquisition would directly help Apple in its battle vs. Google, a leader in mapping technology.

Apple Sells 3 Million iPads in 80 Days

Apple announced that iPad sales have surpassed the 3 million mark, less than three months after the tablet computer launched.


Microsoft Gives Behind-the-scenes Look at Internal "YouTube" Network

Microsoft exploits SharePoint to support a closed podcasting network for its employees.

Adobe's New Tactic: Killing Apple With Kindness

Adobe today launched an ad campaign that gushes "We Love Apple," though after listing all the things the companies have in common it ends by scolding Apple...

Nokia-Apple Suit Latest in Dizzying Array of Court Battles

Nokia's new lawsuit against Apple, filed in the U.S. Federal court of the Western District of Wisconsin on Friday, takes aim at the iPhone and iPad 3G

Apple's Steve Jobs: We've Sold 1 Million 'Magical' iPads

Apple said Monday it took just 28 days to hit the 1 million iPad sales mark, and that was even before the new 3G version went on sale.


With BumpTop Buy, Google on Record Acquisitions Pace

Google this weekend continued its torrid pace of acquisitions in 2010 with the buyout of Bump Technologies, a three-year-old maker of technology for giving...

Out-of-this-World Apple iPad 3G Has 5 Antennas

The new iPad 3G no sooner went on sale Friday than iFixit got to work looking at the tablet computer's insides, which include five antennas to ensure Internet...

Android's Destiny: the iPad's Path?

Android gains ground on the iPhone in terms of Web access, while more Android devices gain market share


Android Smartphones Gaining Ground on iPhones

Apple continues to dominate the worldwide and U.S. mobile handset markets with its iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but makers of Android phones are gaining...


Supertaskers Who Balance Cell Phone, Car are Few

We don't multitask nearly as well as we think we do . . . except for some of us, study reveals.