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Obama revisits Reddit before polls closed

President Obama voted in person in Chicago yesterday but also showed up later in day virtually on social news aggregation site Reddit to urge stragglers to get to the polls and perform their civic duty.

LinkedIn pen

LinkedIn now lets you follow big thinkers, or even become one

LinkedIn, looking to lure more of its 175 million users to visit its website regularly, has begun inviting members to follow a cast of 150 "influential thought leaders."

Free iPhone data usage tracker released by Princeton lab

Princeton University's EDGE Lab has released a free iPhone app that enables smartphone users to avoid big wireless bills by better tracking their actual data usage and predicting future usage.

T-Mobile woos unlocked iPhone users ahead of iPhone 5 debut

T-Mobile doesn't appear to be on Apple's short list for iPhone 5 carriers, but that's not stopping T-Mobile from trying to lure iPhone customers to what it says will soon be its widespread 4G network.

Penn researcher sees a future where 'consumer electronics' becomes 'consumer photonics'

University of Pennsylvania researchers are touting their creation of an all-optical switch that uses nanowires to transmit and process information using light pulses rather than electricity.

Do Your Gadgets Rob You of Sleep?

Exposure to tablets and other electronics with backlit displays can disrupt circadian rhythms and cause insomnia or restless sleep, researchers say.

Google+ Sucks Up to More Big Shots With Vanity URLs

Google greatly expands the availability of custom URLs for users of its Google+ social networking site, which will make it easier for people and companies to promote their presence.

Google Talk Users Lash out Over Major Outage

Google Talk, a desktop and mobile text and voice chat service used by many Google Gmail customers, suffered a widespread outage Thursday morning that the company says affected "a majority of users."

Card Game Turns You Into a White Hat Hacker

Black Hat security conference: University of Washington creation gives you vicarious thrills of social engineering, lock picking.


Google Brings Antarctica to the Warmth of Your Home or Office

Panoramic images from Google/University of Minnesota highlight Shackleton's hut and other historic and educational sites on Antarctica.

Artificial Intelligence Becoming Fantasy Football Reality

University of Southampton researchers are fine-tuning an artificial intelligence system they say will give them a leg up in the English Fantasy Football League when the Premier League soccer season kicks off in August.

Comic-Con 2012: 8 Reasons You Wish You Were There

Mark Hamill, Stan Lee and costumes, costumes and more costumes invade San Diego.

iPhone 5 will Trounce Galaxy S III, Foxconn CEO Says

The electronics manufacturer says Apple's next model will "put the Galaxy S III to shame."

(Video) Google's Eric Schmidt to Boston University Class of 2012

Commencement address by Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman, to the Boston University Class of 2012 (May 20, 2012).

iPad Ignites Tablet Price Cuts

By lowering the price of the iPad 2 when it released the newest iPad, Apple created a flurry of deals from other tablet makers scrambling to keep up.