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50 Smartphone Blogs to Watch

Here's a whirlwind tour of iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows Mobile sites that track phone apps and action.


10 Things You Didn't Know About the BlackBerry

Check out this collection of fun facts about RIM and its BlackBerry smartphones.


Tech Companies Had Lots to Be Sorry for in 2009

Kanye West, President Obama and David Letterman grabbed headlines this year when they apologized for their behavior. Which high-tech companies did the same?

2009's Most Memorable IT Apologies

Top tech companies issued a bundle of apologies for their assorted mistakes and misdeeds in 2009. Some said they were sorry with style, while others offered up mealymouthed mea culpas.

Latest BlackBerry Outage Caps a Year of Network Woes

RIM, as well as with big names like Google, Microsoft and, have been among the companies scrambling to restore services in 2009.

Google Search Appliance Turns Eye on Twitter

The enterprise search appliance will now show relevant Twitter posts alongside internal and external search results.

Researchers Set Their Sights on iPhones, Mobile Malware

Georgia Tech researchers have received a $450,000 NSF grant to boost security of iPhones, BlackBerries, and other smartphones and the wireless networks on which they run.


Google Gobbles AdMob as Latest Expansion

Google AdMob Buyout Latest in Long Line of Acquisitions

12 Worthy Causes Seek Your Spare PC Cycles

You can contribute to a variety of scientific research and charities by donating your system's idle processing power to operate an on-the-fly supercomputer.

Don't Mean to Bore You, but a Yawn Detector Is in the Works

U.S. and Indian researchers have joined forces to design a computer program that can detect when you’re yawning – a potentially life-saving invention for drivers...


Twitter for Security: Vendors Tweet their Updates

In these days of Conficker and other malware, tech security vendors may be worth following on Twitter.

Forget the Grammy Awards: Behold the Tech Music Awards

Alicia Keys, Eddie Vedder, Radiohead, Google and Twitter songs grab honors


Startups Struggle in Tough Market

This Q&A with Justin Perrealt, a general partner of Commonwealth Capital Ventures, offers insight into how startups are coping in the current economy.

Days Numbered for Standalone NAC Firms?

Money talk dominates security, wireless, green IT and open source sessions at annual 451 Group event.