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iOS Developers Warned About Manipulating App Store Rankings

Apple's concern is that app developers are paying companies to use bots to artificially boost apps into Apple's App Store Top 25 charts.

Steve Jobs' Influence Continues

Some days there seems to be more Steve Jobs news than ever before, with memories and marketing schemes continuing to influence Apple and others.

Motorola, Woot Admit to Reselling Uncleared Xoom Tablets

Motorola and Woot admit that some refurbished Xoom tablets may have been sold with ex-owners' sensitive data still on them.

9 'University Researcher Approved' Tips for Awesome Tweeting

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Georgia Tech have issued a list of 9 tips for better tweeting based on a study of Twitter usefulness.


Phony iPads, iPhones Put Apple Engineers' Trustworthiness to Test

One way Apple keeps details of anticipated products such as the iPad 3 or iPhone 5 under wraps is reportedly by ensuring that its engineers are super trustworthy.

Nearly Half of Americans Surveyed See Tablets Wiping out Laptops

Tablet computers will eventually replace laptops, according to nearly half of Americans polled earlier this month.

IPhone More Dominant Than Ever, Though Samsung Makes Strides

The iPhone is by far the smartphone most in demand among 4,000 North American consumers, but Samsung, Apple's frequent rival in court, is coming on strong, according to

25 Top Network and IT Industry News Stories of 2011

2011 will be remembered for the death of Steve Jobs, Cisco's refocusing, IPv6's coming-out party, and more.

Harvard Researchers Underwhelmed by Peer Influence on Facebook

Most people make friends with others online who have common interests, but it's rare for people's interests to rub off on others, according to new research out of Harvard University.

Android Blog Buzz: Google Prepping Siri Killer Dubbed Majel

The Android blogosphere is abuzz that Google might have a Siri killer called Majel out by year-end.

Twitter Research: It's Where the Money and Action Is

As more people rely on information in social networks to make financial, medical and other decisions, determining the source's trustworthiness becomes vital.

2011 Tech Industry Graveyard