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Best and Worst Celebrity Technology Moments of 2011

Scarlett Johansson, Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga, and Alec Baldwin all make tech news, voluntarily or not.

Harvard Researchers Underwhelmed by Peer Influence on Facebook

Most people make friends with others online who have common interests, but it's rare for people's interests to rub off on others, according to new research out of Harvard University.

Android Blog Buzz: Google Prepping Siri Killer Dubbed Majel

The Android blogosphere is abuzz that Google might have a Siri killer called Majel out by year-end.


Twitter Research: It's Where the Money and Action Is

As more people rely on information in social networks to make financial, medical and other decisions, determining the source's trustworthiness becomes vital.

2011 Tech Industry Graveyard

WebOS, Cisco Flip camera, Google Labs, and the rest: Here's a list of IT companies, technologies, and ideas killed off or headed for the end of life.


E-Mailed Tributes to Jobs Top 1 Million, Apple Says

Apple invited customers and friends to submit their memories of the late co-founder and CEO, and the response is sizeable and poignant.

Have You Cleaned Your Cell Phone Today?

Research reveals that mobile phones are frequently filthy with bacteria and even fecal matter.

Wi-Fi Users Clueless About Security

Researchers for the Wi-Fi Alliance find most people take basic privacy and security steps -- but lack strong passwords and smart security settings.

Customers Love Apple, Surveys Find

Apple, riding continued high demand for its Mac computers and iPad tablets, has topped rivals in two new surveys of customer satisfaction.

Webcam to Computer Users: Sit up Straight!

Stop slouching and check this out: Researchers have developed a way for desktop webcams to keep an eye on office workers' posture while they are using computers.

RIM BlackBerry is Cutting 2,000 Jobs, 11% of Workforce

Research in Motion, which has been losing ground to Apple, Google and even Microsoft in the mobile market, announced Monday it is cutting 2,000 jobs.


RIM: 1 Billion App Downloads Down, 14 Billion to Go to Catch Apple

Research in Motion says its 2-year-old BlackBerry App World has crossed the 1 billion app download mark.

Apple iPad Love-Fest: No End in Sight

Apple iPad owners have largely been happy with their tablet computer purchases from the start, and surprising new findings from a University of Missouri survey shows that satisfaction levels keep going up.


TwitPic Founder Ditches Clothes, Twitter Founder Ditches Job

Noah Everett really has nothing to hide: He posted overnight to Twitter, including a photo via the TwitPic service he created, almost immediately upon being picked up by the cops in Charleston, S.C., for strolling down his street in the buff.

Google, MIT Get PCs and Smartphones in Sync

An MIT computer science grad student and a Google researcher have joined forces to build software that makes it a lot easier to move open tasks and apps between smartphones and PCs.