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IPad 3 Watch: Is Apple Readying a 'Tweener' Tablet?

An analyst with a strong track record of predicting new Apple products says Apple has a new device in the works.

Twitter No Longer Grounding UberSocial, Twidroyd Apps

Twitter said on Sunday that it has freed UberMedia's UberSocial (previously UberTwitter) and twidroyd apps from exile after shutting them off on Friday.

Why You Freak out Over Facebook

The saying goes that "You can't have too many friends," but that might not be true in the world of Facebook, according to a new study by Scottish researchers.

New Apple MacBook Pro Rumors Swirl

Apple may be plotting a big MacBook Pro announcement as soon as this week, speculation fueled in part by an Intel ad.

UberTwitter Bows to Twitter's Pressure, Changes Name

Twitter whacks UberTwitter so hard it's changing its name to UberSocial after suspension.

My, That's a Big iPhone 5 Screen You Have

The latest Apple iPhone 5 rumor centers on the anticipated smartphone featuring a 4-inch screen, bigger than the standard 3.5-inch display of current iPhones and...