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Brad Chacos spends the days jamming to Spotify and digging through desktop PCs. He covers the gaming, graphics cards, and how-to beats for PCWorld, and spends his mornings running the news desk for PCWorld, Macworld, Greenbot, and TechHive.

graphics cards amd nvidia

AMD, Nvidia graphics cards come bundled with March's hottest games

Hitman and Tom Clancy's The Division sweeten the deal on AMD and Nvidia GPUs, and highlight each brand's graphics tech.

mac korea

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un hates freedom, loves his Macs

Walled gardens abound in North Korea.

ava direct x99

6 reasons why I love being a PC gamer

Consoles have their advantages but, from cheap games to flexible hardware, PC gaming has won my heart.

oculus asus bundle

First Oculus Ready PCs and bundles revealed, but you may want to BYO Rift rig

The first batch of Oculus Ready PCs have been revealed, and you can get a discount if you buy them bundled with the Rift. Consider building your own PC, though.

AMD Wraith cooler in system

AMD launches first ever Excavator desktop CPU, whisper-quiet Wraith cooler

AMD continues its push for affordable computing supremacy with two new processors and the launch of new, near-silent coolers.

new windows 10 logo primary

You will upgrade to Windows 10: Inside Microsoft's strong-arm upgrade tactics

Now that the carrots aren't luring new users to Windows 10, Microsoft's breaking out the sticks

asrock bios bug

Motherboard makers race out BIOS updates to squash show-stopping Skylake bug

ASRock and Gigabyte already have fixes available to stop Skylake systems from crashing while running complex workloads

jim keller

Guru behind Apple's A-series, AMD's Zen chips takes over Tesla's Autopilot hardware

Legendary CPU architect Jim Keller is heading up Tesla's Autopilot group.

2015 10 11 00027

10 games that look gorgeous even on entry-level gaming PCs

These beautiful games look wonderful even on entry-level graphics cards.

evga quick disconnect water cooling

Radical PCs and cutting-edge components: January's most powerful new PC hardware

January was chock full of radical new PC hardware of every shape, size, and price point.

windows desktop control panel

Backblaze will send you a hard drive with your backup data for free, if you return it after

Backblaze has long offered a pricey option for its online backup subscribers to restore their data via physical drives. But now it's free—if you send the drive back.

nvidia light field display

Nvidia, AMD tease secretive new hardware at VR event

At VRLA, Nvidia showed off a refined version of its Light Field Display prototype, while AMD drove experiences with a dual-Fiji GPU Radeon card.

surface book surface pro 4 Microsoft

New high-end Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 models crank up the firepower

Microsoft's new Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 configurations offer top-of-the-line memory, storage, and processor options—all at once.

intel computestick sizecomparison rpi2

Mini PC invasion: These radically tiny computers fit in the palm of your hand

Some of today's 'desktop' mini PCs make laptops seem downright bulky in comparison.

corsair vengeance

Corsair's new Vengeance DDR4 RAM kits crank memory to blistering speeds

Corsair's new Vengeance DDR4 memory kits are more than twice as fast as the RAM in most people's computers.