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FCC Passes Wireless Data Roaming Rules

The Federal Communications Commission today approved an order mandating that mobile data service providers offer data roaming agreements to one another.

New App Lets You Manage Android Devices Remotely

Rsupport this week launched a new application that will let IT departments remotely support and manage their users' Android-based devices in the enterprise.


Verizon to Pay Gov't $93.5M in Overcharge Dispute

Verizon today agreed to pay the United States government $93.5 million to settle allegations that it had systematically overcharged the federal government.


iPad Rivals Not up to Snuff, Says Consumer Reports

Any device manufacturer looking to "kill" the iPad has work cut out for it, according to Consumer Reports.

Google Hopes to Spray Patent Trolls With Nortel Portfolio

Google has apparently decided that buying Nortel's patents could be strong repellent against patent trolls.

Google Building Fiber Network in Sprint's Backyard

Sprint and Google are apparently going to working more closely together in more ways than one.

Dell Draws Derision for Dissing iPad

Woe is the rival company - in this case Dell -- that predicts failure for Apple and its products, in particular the iPad.

Health Provider Wants Algorithm That Can Predict Illness

The Heritage Provider Network wants to do for healthcare what technology in the film "Minority Report" did for police work.


AT&T-T-Mobile Merger Widely Panned

The proposed AT&T-T-Mobile merger has many different groups standing athwart recent telecom history and yelling, "Stop!"

Sprint Makes CTIA Splash With 3D Smartphone, Evo Tablet

Sprint may have groaned after rival carrier AT&T gobbled up T-Mobile this week, but that didn't stop the carrier from debuting two big new wireless devices.

Google Voice Coming to All Sprint Phones

Sprint is integrating the Google Voice application into all of its phones, giving users a new way to make cheap international calls.

AT&T Deal Won't Bring iPhones to T-Mobile Quickly

Giddy T-Mobile users hoping to get their hands on an iPhone will need to be patient.


Google Android Thumps Apple iPhone in Page Load Speed

Android hasn't just surpassed Apple's iPhone in terms of total device sales, but in Web page load time as well.

Sprint Begins Push-to-talk CDMA Migration

Good news, push-to-talk fans: Sprint wants to get you off its iDEN network!

RIM Urges BlackBerry Users to Turn off JavaScript

Research in Motion is recommending that IT departments and users disable JavaScript on their BlackBerry devices, citing a vulnerability.