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Breaking Down Carriers' '4G' Wireless Spin

Every marketing team at every carrier has now jumped on the "4G" bandwagon to such an extent that the term has no real meaning anymore.

AT&T Caps Bandwidth for Wireline Services

It's the beginning of the end of unlimited data consumption on wired as well as wireless Internet services.

How Google and Android Users Can Make Secure Mobile Market

Android has a lot going for it, but as the last week has shown its approach to selling and distributing applications is going to need some improvement.


8 Essential Android Security Apps

The recent revelation that Google had to remove around 50 malware-infected applications from its Android Market highlighted the downside of the company's "free love" approach to publishing apps.


4 Reasons Why Apple, the iPad Still Rule the Tablet Market

A big head start, a more mature app market and strong pricing for iPad 2 are among the reasons Apple remains on top.


Tablet Tumble: iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom

A breakdown of the Apple iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom tablets' hardware, software, pricing, connectivity and more.


The Better Software Will Win Tablet Wars, Says Motorola Chief

Although his company specializes in designing device hardware, Motorola's CEO thinks the tablet market's future is largely out of his hands.

The All-Time Geekiest Oscar Triumphs

Recent history shows geek culture has gone mainstream. The proof is at the Academy Awards.


Verizon and Motorola Offer LTE to Public Safety Networks

Verizon and Motorola are teaming up to give public safety agencies access to their own LTE networks that can be supplemented by Verizon coverage when needed.


Tablet-Centric Android Needs Work, Say Early Reviews

Early users of the Motorola Xoom tablet have rendered their verdict of Google's tablet-centric operating system: Needs improvement.

Apple "Blowing It" With App Subscription Scheme, Analyst Says

We know that Apple's mobile application subscription scheme is unpopular with publishers, but now analyst firm Forrester's CEO is panning it too.

Apple Nixes Child Labor Practices at Chinese Factories

Apple Tuesday said that it has terminated business with a Chinese factory that it found had employed 42 underage workers.

Network Quality Matters Most When Buying a Smartphone, Survey Says

The battle among mobile operating systems may garner a lot of headlines, but it seems network quality is still the most important factor for smartphone users.

RIM May Rip a Page From Google for PlayBook

Just months after dismissing the importance of mobile apps, Research in Motion could be jumping aboard the app bandwagon.

Building a Business Wireless Net, Office Window by Office Window

Brough Turner is building a network that can circumvent both incumbent carriers and the FCC.