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Yes, IT Departments Should Worry About Google Drive

Google Drive is poised to give IT departments yet another headache to deal with.

New Verizon Service Brings LTE to Private IP Networks

Verizon Business offering its customers a more secure alternative to the public Internet.

Carriers Cap LTE to Keep Users from Replacing Landlines With Wireless, Says IEEE's Saracco

Roberto Saracco isn't buying carriers' claims that they need to put caps on their LTE services due to excessive traffic causing massive engineering challenges.

Fenway Park Goes High-Tech at 100

A question-and-answer session with Steve Conley, IT director for the Boston Red Sox, about the ballpark's use of Metro Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and more.

Google Android

Low Android Revenues No Worry for Google

CEO dismisses concerns about Android's strategic value as a "short-term" issue, saying developing and distributing Android is about much more than the bottom line.

3 Tips for Actually Making Money Making Mobile Apps

Let's face it: Your prospects of becoming an overnight billionaire by inventing the next Instagram aren't good.

20 iPad Business Apps Every CIO Should Want


New Google Account Activity Lets You Know What Google Knows About You

If you're confused about what Google does and doesn't know about your online activity, don't worry: Google is letting you in on the secret.

T-Mobile Layoffs Called FCC's Fault

An AT&T executive claims the nixed merger would have prevented call center closures -- but the FCC expressed concern the combined carriers would lose jobs.


Why Google is Right to Be Paranoid

Google is still master of the search domain, but that hasn't stopped the company from looking over its shoulder.

AT&T Ramps Up LTE Rollout

AT&T expects its LTE footprint will double by year-end, hitting more than 150 million points of presence in 56 markets.

AT&T is Working on iPad Tethering

Although AT&T and Verizon both offer comparable plans for the new iPad, there's one feature that AT&T is still lacking: tethering.

Google Rules Despite Privacy Concerns

A recent survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project reveals 83% of American Internet users search using Google.

AT&T Urges Customers to Upgrade from 2G

AT&T has been working to either acquire or free up more spectrum for its LTE network. It has plans to use some of its current 2G spectrum for LTE deployments.

850,000 Android Phones Activated Daily, Says Google

Android's growth continues to be impressive if the latest numbers given by Google are accurate.