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FCC's Net Neutrality Order: What It Means For Internet Access

Here's a look at the FCC's net neutrality outline and what it means for you.

What Makes a '4G' App?

When Sprint announced the winners of its '4G App Challenge' last week, you may have found yourself wondering what, exactly, constitutes a 4G app.


iHumbug! 8 iPhone apps that Scrooge would love

Whether they feature zombie elves or Justin Bieber, these apps are guaranteed to dampen holiday cheer.


Northeast Still King of U.S. Broadband Speeds

If you want fast web connections, move to the northeast--or one small state in particular.

2010's Most Popular iPad Apps

What people bought during the iPad's inaugural year.

Google Sets Sights on Tablet-centric Android

On the same day that Google released its 'Gingerbread' platform, it also debuted its soon-to-be-released version tailored specifically for tablets.


The Galaxy Tab: Samsung Has a Hit on Its Hands

While Samsung's Galaxy Tab isn't as big a hit as Apple's iPad, it has sold briskly as it reached the 1 million mark today.

What's in the Newest Net Neutrality Plan

Analysis: The FCC tries to include something for everyone in the net neutrality debate, but it's not clear how a reconciliation can occur.

Tablets Won't Kill the PC Anytime Soon, Says Analyst

Although tablets have started cutting into sales of personal computers, don't expect PCs to go extinct anytime soon.

4G to Cover More Than 4 Billion People by 2015

More than 60 percent of the world's population will have access to some form of 4G mobile broadband technology by 2015, according to a new report.

Verizon Readies LTE: What to Expect

The commercial launch takes place next month, but what kind of devices will it support?

7 Free Thanksgiving iPhone Apps

Apps you'll want to gobble up for the holiday.


Verizon Still Experimenting With LTE Pricing Models

Verizon apparently hasn't made a final decision on how it will charge users of its 4G LTE data services.

Android Will Take 15 Percent of Tablet Market in 2011

Not content to gobble up smartphone market share, the Android operating system is poised to capture 15% of the tablet market in 2011, according to IMS Research.

RIM CEO: 'We Don't Need No Stinkin' Apps!'

Research in Motion's attitude toward mobile applications seems to be, "If you can't beat 'em, dismiss 'em."