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Google Voice Finally Finds a Home on iPhone

Google Voice has lassoed some big prizes over the past couple of years, including Verizon-based Android devices, but today it finally caught its biggest game...

Mobile Broadband at 115MHz of Spectrum Gets Fast-Tracked

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has identified 115MHz of spectrum that can be made available for commercial mobile broadband...

Google Nexus One Sequel Plans Leaked

Google's Nexus One phone wasn't exactly a smash hit, but that apparently hasn't stopped the company from issuing a sequel.


Social Networking Slowly Taking Over E-mail, Says Gartner

If you find yourself using Facebook to send out work-related e-mails to coworkers, you're not alone.

Android Users Split Between Froyo, Eclair

Although Android isn't a Baskin Robbins franchise, its customers do seem to be divided over whether to get a Froyo or an Eclair.


FCC Dishes Tips to Overcharged Verizon Users

The Federal Communications Commission does not want you to pay $1.99 for that GB of data you never used.


Verizon's Tiered Fee Plans: After the Dust Settles

Under the new tiered fees, be aware of the damage for data overages -- it's tiered, too.

10 Spooktacular Halloween Android Apps

Here are 10 Android apps that range from frightening to frighteningly useless.


AT&T Still Riding High on iPhone

AT&T's third-quarter earnings show continued growth and less customer turnover with the iPhone.


FCC Expects 'Spectrum Deficit' by 2014

Growth in wireless data demand will lead to a "spectrum deficit" of 275MHz if no new spectrum is released, and FCC study reports.

How 'Smart Antennas' Could Boost Wi-Fi Performance

A question and answer session with Gonzaga University's Dr. Steven Schennum.

FCC Vows Hearings Over 'Bill Shock'

The FCC chairman chided carriers for surprising customers with charges and promises the commission will review the practice.


A Brief History of Android

How Android rose to prominence in the smartphone market.


FCC Opens Access to White Spaces Spectrum

Commission takes a FCC "free love" approach to use of open mobile spectrum.

Twitter Cofounder Thanks His Lucky Stars

Jack Dorsey acknowledged he was lucky that Twitter launched in the United States at around the same time that text messaging became a popular way of communicating.