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Latest Android isn't Tablet-Ready, Google Admits

Google needs to rejigger Android to perform at its best on tablets, even though it's already running on some devices, exec says.


Cool Apple iPad/iPhone Apps for a Hot August

Keep cool during the hot days of August with apps scheduled to be released this month for the iPhone and iPad.


Verizon: Businesses Need Move on IPv6

Verizon Business has a message to companies still reluctant to migrate their networks to IPv6: You're better off doing it now than later.

Tablets: Real and Rumored

A quick look at tablets on the market today and several that might be available soon.


The World's Geekiest Tournaments

From Magic cards to BattleBots, we race through the world's dorkiest contests.

Cameron Diaz Could Wreck Your PC, McAfee Warns

The security firm offers its annual list of the most dangerous celebrity searches, which harvest the highest volume of malware.

Google-Verizon Plan Gets AT&T's Nod

The compromise proposal regarding network neutrality rules -- with its wireless exception -- apparently has AT&T's blessing.

Google-Verizon Net Neutrality Plan Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Verizon and Google intended to clear up their positions on network neutrality, but their joint conference call ended up raising a host of questions.

Net Neutrality: What's Really Going on?

The week has been filled with contradictory reports about the FCC's plans regarding network neutrality, and second-guessing players' motivations.

A Quarter of Mobile Phones Will Be Smartphones by 2013, Says ABI

More than one-fourth of mobile phones sold in 2013 will be classified as smartphones, according to ABI Research. The firm defines a smartphone as a cellular...

FCC OKs First LTE Phone

Samsung won regulatory approval to be the first manufacturer with a phone based on the 4G LTE standard.

Droid X vs. the Droid: Key Differences Emerge

Although Motorola's Droid X and Droid smartphones bear similar names, they are very different devices.

Apple's Answer to User Gripes: A Giveaway

Analysis: CEO Steve Jobs addressed iPhone 4 concerns with the time-tested "free stuff" distraction to appease customers. How'd that go over?


Droid X vs. the Droid: How They Differ

Keyboards, sizes, weights all significantly differ between Droid smartphones.


IBM: Tiered Mobile Data Pricing Here to Stay

Consumers may hate the tiered pricing models that AT&T rolled out last month, but they're also likely the future of mobile data consumption according to...