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Qwest's Approach to IPv6 Migration

A question and answer session on IPv6 transition with Qwest CTO Pieter Poll.

Android 2.2 Gets Foot in Enterprise Door

Android's enterprise features put it on par with Apple's iPhone, but not RIM's BlackBerry.


Smartphone Blockbuster: Which Is Right for You?

It's the end of June, which means that summer's in full swing and the world's top handset manufacturers are rolling out their hottest new smartphones.

Google Voice Now Open to All in US

Previously the service had only been available to users who had received invitations to join, with around 1 million Google Voice users worldwide.

Securing 4G Smartphones

What any smart IT department should know before allowing a 4G device onto its network.

A Brief History of Smartphones

How the smartphone went from a high-end enterprise device to an everyday consumer staple.


Motorola Droid Wish List: 3 Improvements We'd Like to See

For starters, a better keyboard and enterprise features should be on the menu.


Three Things We'd Like to See From New Motorola Droid

The Motorola Droid certainly hasn't been an "iPhone killer," but it has succeeded in becoming a solid and respected alternative to the iPhone for Verizon


What's in a Smartphone Processor? Increasingly a Lot

Whenever a hot new smartphone hits the market, one of the key specifications techies look at is its processor, which is primarily responsible for running the device's main computing functions and applications.


Why Apple's Latest iPhone Is Not Called '4G'

This could be the final Apple iPhone with solely 3G connectivity.


iPhone vs. Droid vs. BlackBerry

In terms of reputation and popularity, the Apple iPhone is still the king of the smartphone market in the United States. But the newest RIM BlackBerry and Motorola Droid models are giving Apple a run for its money.


Apple vs. Adobe

This argument of whether Adobe's Flash is the best platform for creating advanced graphics boils down to whether or not you trust Apple's motives.

Beyond WWDC: 5 iPhone Predictions for 2011

While a new iPhone is expected at the WWDC, we try to figure out what might be up for the iPhone next year. LTE connectivity and a 1.5GHz processor anyone?


EVO 4G Reviews Declare a Powerhouse Phone

The consensus forming on HTC's EVO 4G seems to be similar to that of Hardee's 1400-calorie Monster Thickburger: It's terrific, but not for the faint of heart.

Verizon's Tiered LTE Plans Fuel 'Bill Shock' Debate

Verizon's apparent decision to offer tiered LTE services in the near future could spark more debate on carriers' overage fees and so-called "bill shock."