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Size Matters: A Guide to Tablets, Great and Small

Is the iPad Too Big? Repair Experts Weigh In

Apple's iPad may be the most successful tablet in the world, but few manufacturers seem willing to copy it from a size perspective.

Survey: Android Users More Likely to Be App Freeloaders

While everybody loves getting things for free, it seems Android users love getting free things more than anyone.

Verizon Users Whacked With Another LTE Outage

Verizon's 4G LTE network has been knocked offline again just two months after its last serious outage.

Two-Thirds of Google+ Users Are Men

Google+ really is a man's social network.

Google, Motorola Officially Get Hitched

The U.S. Department of Justice today officially blessed the marriage between Google and Motorola after concluding that the merger would not adversely impact competition in the wireless market.

Blogger Exposes Major Google Wallet Security Flaw

Google vows to fix holes in the prepaid card system.

Pre-rendered Pages Highlight Latest Google Chrome Release

The latest version of Google's Chrome browser, known as Chrome 17, can now determine which sites you're likely to visit when you start typing them into your search bar and will actually preload them for you.

AT&T Users Report Getting Throttled at 2GB Despite 'Unlimited' Data Plans

If you're an old-school iPhone user who still has one of AT&T's unlimited data plans, be prepared for a rude awakening.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Former FCC Chair Opposes Spectrum Proposal

Why the House spectrum auction proposal is the "worst telecom bill" -- A Q&A session with former Federal Communications Commission chairman Reed Hundt.

5 Key Points From Google's Privacy-Policy Letter to Congress

Google sent a 13-page letter to Congress this week that can be summarized in a single sentence: "We're not being evil."

First 'Super Wi-Fi' Network Goes Live in North Carolina

Lucky residents of Wilmington, N.C., will be the first in the nation to have access to a 'Super Wi-Fi' network.

Android Tablets Finally Catching On, Says Strategy Analytics

It's taken a while but Android tablets may finally be starting to make a dent in Apple's share of the overall tablet market.

LTE Spectrum: How Much Do the Big Carriers Have?

An examination of just what spectrum wireless carriers already have and what they'll need in the future to deliver ubiquitous 4G service across the United States as mobile users exchange more video and other bandwidth-hogging content.

Google+ Now Boasts 90 Million Users

Say this for Google+: It no longer has fewer total users than MySpace.