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Smartphones and Tablets March Onward into the Workplace

Workers bringing their own devices to work was one of the biggest challenges IT pros faced in 2011, and the trend is on the rise for 2012.

Timeline: The Birth and Death of the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

In retrospect, it's not hard to see why AT&T thought its proposed $39 billion merger with T-Mobile would sail through with relatively no issues.

Verizon Acknowledges Signal Strength Bug on Galaxy Nexus

Verizon is working on a fix for a problem that some users say seems to slow down data access.

Timeline: RIM Had a Very Bad Year

You get the feeling that executives in Research in Motion will especially relish singing "Should old acquaintance be forgot" this year.

Kindle Fire will Shine Despite Mixed Reviews, Analyst Says

Although technically inferior to the iPad, Amazon's tablet entry has a different aim and is "strategically misunderstood" but a sales success anyway, Morgan Stanley analyst reports.

Google Further Integrates Google+ Into Gmail

Google has started pushing its Google+ social networking service further into Gmail with new features that let users add to their circles directly from their email accounts.

High-Tech Toys Top Black Friday Shoppers' Lists

If the latest survey from Nielsen holds water, you can expect to see a lot of smartphones, tablets and other popular devices under the Christmas tree this year.

AT&T Reports Attempted Customer Data Hack

AT&T today notified customers that there had been an "organized and systematic" attempt to hack into their personal account information.

Six More Cities Getting AT&T LTE Next Week

AT&T is accelerating its LTE deployments and will launch its LTE services in six cities next week.

Sprint Slashes Mobile Data Prices

Sprint may be axing its unlimited 4G plans for most devices but at least it's making sure you pay less for what you use.

Amazon Cloud Drive vs. Apple iCloud

Amazon holds the edge, but don't count Apple out.

Tech Argument: LTE vs. WiMAX

Once Sprint gets its LTE network up and running, it will mean that all three major wireless carriers in the United States support LTE. Does that make WiMAX dead?

Tech Arguments: IOS vs. Android vs. BlackBerry OS vs. Windows Phone

It's a two-horse race for now but competitors are revamping their wares.

Google Aims to Help Businesses Make Better Mobile Websites

Google is launching a new initiative called GoMo aimed at helping businesses build websites for the mobile age.

Chicago-area School District Gives Free iPads to Freshmen

Freshmen in a Chicago-area school district now have a reason to be excited about coming to school: Free iPads.