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Tablets Used Widely for Business, Says Survey

If your employees promise that they'll use tablets for business purposes if your company buys them, they're probably not lying.

Google Labs' Greatest Non-Hits

A retrospective on the coolest ideas to come out of Google Labs that haven't (yet) become staple features of the Google Empire

CTIA: How to Prevent News Corp. (Or Anyone Else) From Hacking Your Voicemail

If you're concerned that Rupert Murdoch or anyone else might be snooping on your voicemails, never fear: the CTIA wireless association is here to help.


AT&T's First LTE Laptop Dongle 'Coming Soon'

AT&T is apparently gearing up for its LTE launch, as the company Wednesday announced that its first LTE modem will be "coming soon."

Google's Schmidt Dismisses Android Patent Suits as 'Legal Fun'

If Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is sweating the multiple patent suits being filed against Android vendors, he sure isn't showing it.

PayPal Gets Into NFC Mobile Payment Game

You didn't think PayPal was going to let Google Wallet have the NFC mobile payment market all to itself, did you?

Android to Offer Better Tablet Optimization for Smartphone Apps

Although one of the big knocks on Android tablets has been their relative dearth of native apps, that could be about to change.

Verizon Powers a Third of iPhone 4s, Analysts Say

Verizon is slowly but steadily gaining ground in the race for the most iPhone users, say Localytics researchers.

And the Killer Smartphone App Is...Games!

If workers at your company insist they need you to buy them the latest smartphone, think twice about what they'll use it for.

Tiered Verizon Plans No Biggie for Most Customers, Says Consumer Reports

Most Verizon customers won't be shedding tears over new data-plan tiers, according to a new analysis from Consumer Reports.

2011's Most Intriguing Summer Smartphones

Companies Try to Allay Location-Based Service Privacy Fears at FCC-FTC Hearing

Representatives from big tech companies convened at the Federal Communications Commission's headquarters to allay potential privacy concerns about location-based services.