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Verizon Wireless Services on Tap From CenturyLink

CenturyLink is now offering consumers and businesses a host of Verizon devices and services, including access to its LTE network.

FCC Gives Tips for Avoiding Phone Bill 'Cramming' Charges

The Federal Communications Commission today released a tip sheet to help consumers and businesses avoid paying unauthorized charges on their monthly phone bills.

RIM Reels, Regroups -- and Delays a Release

Research in Motion postpones its BlackBerry Bold 9900 in favor of finding a powerhouse processor.


The 7 Worst Tech Merger Ideas Ever

These unlucky seven mergers--involving everyone from Apple to Microsoft to Google--hopefully will never see the light of day.

Why Would You Want an Unlocked iPhone?

American consumers will soon have the privilege of being able to pay a hefty premium for an unlocked version of the iPhone.


Verizon Isn't Waiting Around for Google Wallet

With Google Wallet initially working exclusively on Sprint's network, Verizon has decided to strike a deal with a company called Payfone to make its own mobile payment service.


Apple iCloud's Security Challenge

Sprint Expands Evo Brand With Tablet, '3D' Smartphone

Sprint is trying to replicate the hit it scored last summer with the HTC EVO 4G smartphone by expanding the brand to both a tablet and a new "3D" smartphone.


Bluetooth Touted as the Cancer-free Wireless Tech

If you're worried that your cellphone might be giving you cancer, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has a solution for you: Use Bluetooth.

Top 5 Steve Jobs Keynotes of the Past 10 Years

There's nothing like a Steve Jobs keynote address to get the tech world buzzing. Here are the most revolutionary of them.

5 U.S. Cities Will Get AT&T LTE This Summer

Five lucky cities will be the first to get access to AT&T's LTE network this summer, the company announced Wednesday.


T-Mobile Doubles 3G Wireless Network Speed

T-Mobile is determined to get as much mileage out of its HSPA+ network as possible as the carrier has again increased its speed to reach theoretical peaks of 42Mbps in more than 50 markets.


What Are Tablets Good For? News Reporting, for One

A look at how tablets can benefit professional reporters.


Sprint is Now the Only 'Unlimited' 4G Carrier

T-Mobile has revamped its data plans to include a cap system, thus leaving Sprint as the only major U.S. wireless carrier to offer uncapped 4G mobile data plans.


Google Android Barrels Ahead of Competitors

Android has further consolidated its status as the leading global smartphone operating system, according to data released by both Gartner and the Millennial...