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Senior Editor Brandon Butler covers the cloud computing industry for Network World by focusing on the advancements of major players in the industry, tracking end user deployments and keeping tabs on the hottest new startups. He contributes to and is the author of the Cloud Chronicles blog. Before starting at Network World in January 2012, he worked for a daily newspaper in Massachusetts and the Worcester Business Journal, where he was a senior reporter and editor of MetroWest 495 Biz. Email him at and follow him on Twitter @BButlerNWW.

Cloud Adoption Pushes Storage Virtualization

Storage hypervisors are increasingly being used to virtualize storage hardware to allow for disparate infrastructures to be centrally managed.

OpenStack Company Piston Adds Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Piston Cloud Computing is the first OpenStack-based company to embrace virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

As Apps Move to the Cloud, Next up Is Optimizing Them

As businesses continue to open up to the idea of hosting applications in the cloud, a slew of companies are looking to optimize how they're managed.

10 Keys for Building Private Clouds

One of the toughest parts about implementing a cloud strategy isn't choosing the underlying technology to power the deployment; it's having the processes in place to manage an effective migration to the cloud.

Gartner: Don't Trust Cloud Provider to Protect Your Corporate Assets

Security remains a top concern for companies looking to deploy a cloud strategy.

Sports Stadium Gets a 4G Boost

Easier tweeting, texting, and social networking will arrive at crowded venues, as AT&T installs its 4G Distributed Antenna Systems.

Open Source Cloud Project Backers Duking It out for Support

The reality is that both OpenStack and CloudStack are both still so young neither side has more momentum than the other, says Luke Kanies, CEO of Puppet Labs.

Cloud Providers Touting Multi-Hypervisor Support

When Tata Communications, the Indian telecommunications company, rolls out its infrastructure as a service cloud offering in America in the coming months, company officials want to claim differentiating features in the products. And one they're hoping to include is support for multiple hypervisors.

New Bare Metal Cloud Offerings Emerging

Internap, using Voxel technology, is latest to offer cloud-like delivery of dedicated managed hosting.

5 Tips for Surviving a Cloud Outage

"Everything fails, all the time," so says CTO Werner Vogels.

Government Moves to the Cloud, Slowly

Experts say the government is only moving slowly to the cloud, and it has a long way to go.

Do You Know Where Your Cloud Data Is?

If your data is in the cloud, do you know where it really is?