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Senior Editor Brandon Butler covers the cloud computing industry for Network World by focusing on the advancements of major players in the industry, tracking end user deployments and keeping tabs on the hottest new startups. He contributes to and is the author of the Cloud Chronicles blog. Before starting at Network World in January 2012, he worked for a daily newspaper in Massachusetts and the Worcester Business Journal, where he was a senior reporter and editor of MetroWest 495 Biz. Email him at and follow him on Twitter @BButlerNWW.

'High Performance' Emerges in Cloud Offerings

SoftLayer introduces HPC offering to support increasingly sophisticated tasks.

VMware Official Fires Back at Open Source Cloud Vendors

After all the talk of open source clouds news from the past few weeks, VMware officials have finally responded.

What Should Cloud Providers Know About Their Customers?

Vetting processes are limited by practical considerations, experts say.

Citrix Buys Further Into Social Collaboration

Citrix is buying a startup that specializes in cloud-based workplace tools.

YouDazzle Combines Social Collaboration, Cloud Storage

There are plenty of collaboration software tools on the market, and a growing number of cloud storage options for businesses as well.

Dell Expands Virtual Desktops Into the Cloud

Dell said this week it is expanding its virtual desktop offerings into the cloud through a partnership with another company.

Cloud Services Face Taxing Dilemma

States are having a hard time keeping up with the cloud, especially when it comes to taxing it.

Latisys: Customers Want Off-Premises Private Clouds

The public cloud doesn't work for everyone.

Amazon Comes Out on Top in Cloud Data Transfer Speed Test

If your enterprise finds itself needing to transfer a lot of data in the cloud, beware: depending on where the data is being moved to, it can take a long time.

Cloud Security Registry Slow to Catch On

To date, only three companies have submitted their cloud security data to the cloud security registry, making the registry of little use.

Are You Paying Too Much for Cloud Services?

Knowing exactly how much and what type of cloud service a company needs is one of the more challenging aspects of deploying a cloud strategy.

Personal Clouds Will Be on 90 Percent of Devices by '15

Within three years the personal cloud will be ubiquitous on consumer devices, Gartner predicts in a research report released Tuesday.

Amazon Cuts Cloud Prices, Again

Amazon's price reductions vary based on geographic location and the type of service being used.