Five Extremely Notorious Tweets

Google's Schmidt Admits to Screwing Up on Facebook

Google's current chairman was referring to his efforts to team up with Facebook, a move that was rebuffed by the social networking giant.

Verizon Bill Follows Customer to the Grave

Verizon billed a woman for months after she died of breast cancer, and even turned the matter over to a collection agency.

Beware of Malware, Apple Users, Even as Mac Defender Details Emerge

There’s evidence the Apple scare over malware -- software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems -- may not be over.

Samsung's E-Reader Screens Boast 16.7 Million Colors

When will impressive electrowetting displays appear on tablets or Kindles?

Amazon Adds Electronics to Trade-In Program

Amazon will now accept your obsolete or unwanted gadgets -- including tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, digital cameras and GPS units -- and give you gift certificates in return.

Bing, Facebook Deepen Ties, Threaten Google +1

When you're shopping on Bing you can now add items to a shopping list to keep track of your browsing history and share those lists with other Facebook friends with the click of a button.

Netflix, Miramax Sign Deal -- Finally, Decent Programming

Exhausted the decent content on Netflix Instant Watch? Stuck with low-budget horror sequels and straight-to-DVD dregs? Relief is on the way.

The Ad Game: Amazon's Ad-supported Kindle Helps it Sell More E-readers

Amazon says the $114 ad-supported version of the Kindle e-reader is riding high as its best-selling item in electronics.

Netflix Arrives on Android, Kinda Sorta

The official version is confined to iOS and Windows 7, but scout around to find Android options for Netflix on the fly.

Chromebooks to Ship with Offline Versions of Google Apps

Google's OS doesn't have any locally installed apps like a word processor or spreadsheet manager but that doesn't mean it's useless without Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity.

Google Envisions Automated Home with Android@Home

Android@Home uses an open wireless protocol, allowing the OS to connect with any devices that are powered by electricity. Programmers will be able to interact with various connected appliances such as light bulbs, thermostats and washing machines.

Music Beta by Google to Launch Without Licenses

Music Beta will be free for US users who get an invite from Google, with priority given to those with the Verizon version of the Motorola Xoom tablet and to attendees of today's I/O conference.

GrouponLive: Groupon and Live Nation to Offer Local Concert Deals

Look for bargains for tickets to concerts and sports and theater events through the new Groupon and Live Nation Entertainment effort.

LastPass, Online Password Manager, May Have Been Hacked

LastPass noticed 'a network traffic anomaly,' possibly a hacker attack, so it is forcing its users to change their master passwords.