Dish Network Buys Blockbuster, Plots a Second Act for the Video Rental Chain

Satellite TV giant Dish Network buys faded video rental champ Blockbuster. What's next for Blockbuster?


Sony PlayStation Tablet Faces Rough Road Ahead

Given the company's wobbly financial record, product delays and the competition it faces from the Nintendo 3DS and Apple's iPad, Sony is going to have a hard time selling its tablets.

8 Things About Windows 8

Not Coming to a Theater Near You: The $30 Movie Rental

Movie studios offer to stream recent releases -- for a hefty price.


Is Google Being Anal about Android OS?

Is Google becoming more Apple-like as it asks for prior approval for Android software tweaks?

Kindle Will Bypass New York Times Paywall

Amazon says that Kindle-users who subscribe to the Kindle Edition of the New York Times, priced at $20 a month, will receive free access to the Times' website.

MobileMe Revamp: 4 Questions

A price drop and a place firmly in the clouds are in the works for Apple's storage service.

Disco Messenger: Google's 'Secret' Group Texting App for iPhone

iPhone users can send bulk text messages with this new Google app called Disco Messenger. Can you say TXT Spam?

Google Seals Honeycomb from Developers: A Good Call

Smaller developers must be patient about a turn at tinkering with upcoming versions of Honeycomb -- but Google is taking a risk.

MySpace Continues Its Free Fall Into Oblivion

The site's traffic dropped 14.4 percent between January and February 2011, from 73 million visitors to 63 million visitors, with a 43.2 percent overall drop in the course of one year.

Apple Still Silent on Exodus International App

The app, which is meant as a guidance tool, a "cure," so homosexuals can "grow into heterosexuality," has been widely admonished by rights groups.

Twitter's 5th Birthday: 5 Milestones

In five short years, Twitter has played a role in a surprising variety of events, both global and extraterrestrial. Here are some memorable moments.

Amazon's Android App Store Leaked, Price Wars to Come?

Amazon may be giving the Web-based Android Market a run for its money with its own Android app store hosted on

Baseball, Movies Come to Facebook

Now you can turn your Facebook, account into a ragtag media center to watch movies and baseball. But will you?