Smartphones on Rampage: Next, Camcorders

After killing point-and-shoot cameras and GPS units, smartphones take aim to slaughter camcorders.

Roku Streaming Stick Packs Hundreds of Channels in a Thumb-Sized Device

The Streaming Stick is basically the classic Roku box, shrunk down to the size of a USB dongle.

Jailbroken Apple TV Plays iOS Apps

The jailbroken device runs webpages and apps like Maps, YouTube, Facebook and Cydia.



Facebook Wants to Make You a Famous Corporate Shill with "Sponsored Story" Ads

Starting in 2012, Facebook will give everyone who has ever "liked" a product 15 minutes of fame with Sponsored Stories, which make you a star of your own Facebook ad. Note: You can't opt out.

Lady Gaga's Twitter and Facebook Accounts Hacked, Fans Duped by 'Free iPad 2' Scam

Lady Gaga's Twitter and Facebook accounts are hacked and fans fall for age-old 'Free iPad' scam.

Facebook Revamps Business Communications

Social network adds private messages for pages, but shushes conversations between consumers and businesses.

Sony Walkman Gets Access to Music Unlimited Library

Users can choose between a premium membership costing $9.99 per month or a basic $3.99 per month membership.