Google to Refresh Blogger

The interface for the popular blogging site has been static for too long -- but Google is overhauling the blogging platform this year.

iPhone's Daylight Saving Time Bug Bites Again

The same glitch in the iPhone's clock that made loads of Europeans late to work last November has struck many Verizon iPhone owners.


iPad 2 Goes on Sale Today: Buy Online or Wait in Line?

Buying online you may have to wait weeks for the iPad 2 to ship. Waiting in line might mean spending hours in the rain for many.


Hackers Expose Safari's Flaws in 5 Seconds

Apple patched 62 vulnerabilities and released Safari version 5.0.4 shortly after a team hacked the browser at Pwn2Own.

Memolane Opens Scrapbook Service to All

The site, now out of beta, aggregates data from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa,, Foursquare, Instagram, Tripit, YouTube, MySpace, Vimeo, and your RSS feeds to create a timeline of your social networking life.

Zuckerberg Adopts Dog, Gives Him Facebook Page

So far, almost 25,000 people "like" Beast and follow the Puli's every fuzzy, adorable move on his Facebook fan page.

Will Microsoft Beat Google in the Travel Search Wars?

Microsoft's choice of as a travel search partner for Bing ups the stakes in the battle with Google for best travel search results.

Charlie Sheen's Web 2.0 Media Blitz: Revolutionary or Revolutionary Nightmare?

Charlie Sheen may have lost his job, but his recent frantic behavior helped his newly minted Twitter account gain a million followers in just over one day. Take that, Ashton Kutcher!

Yelp Bites the Hand That Feeds--Grumbles about Google Places

Yelp complains that Google is "filching" its user reviews and using them on its own Google Places pages.


Google Street View Goes Way Off-Road For Impressive Images

The massive Google Trike went where no Google Street View car could go and shot images of historic and picturesque sites now available for your viewing pleasure.


Facebook's "Like" Button Evolves, Replaces Traditional Sharing

It appears Facebook may care less in the future about "What's on Your Mind" and more about the marketing implications of its Like feature.

Google's Media Onslaught: YouTube Subscription Service Next?

Analysis: Speculation persists that a Google streaming video-on-demand service is bound for UK release.


Amazon Adds Streaming Video Service for Prime Members

The service, which has a catalog of more than 5,000 commercial-free streaming movies and TV shows, is a free add-on for subscribers to Amazon's $79-per-year Amazon Prime membership.

California School District Battles Truancy with GPS

Gadgets that track chronically absent students are cost-effective for school.


Facebook Goes Gay-Friendlier, Broadens Relationship Status

Two more options join the multiple-choice of relationship status on personal pages.