Apple Dominates Global Touch Screen Market, Competitors' Prices May Rise as Result

Apple has dominated 60 percent of the global touch screen market, causing its competitors to fight amongst each other for the scraps.

Dell Streak PR Stunt Goes Horribly Awry, Leads to Arrests

Dell employees panicked and called the police when a man dressed in black "demanded they go to the lobby" on Monday...little did they know, it was an internal marketing stunt.


Apple Subscription Plan Launched

The Apple Store subscription plan, designed to streamline in-app purchases, also gives publishers and developers license to market their goods outside the App Store.

Will MobileMe Finally Go Free?

We've spotted signs that Apple is pushing some services toward the land of no price tags.


PayPal Aims to be the Leader in Micropayments

PayPal aims to break into the billion dollar micropayment business with its PayPal Digital Goods system available to merchants of digital goods starting this week.


Verizon iPhone Is Greeted by Short Lines: Here's Why

The Verizon iPhone is now available to the masses. But where are the masses?


iPhone Antennagate: Now on the Verizon Model

This revelation should come as no surprise since Apple never fully copped to the iPhone's antenna problems in the first place.


Angry Birds Updates, Ad Infinitum

Watch for new bird battles for Valentine's Day, Nintendo, and of course accompanying the Angry Birds Rio movie -- and maybe more.


App Stores Overload: It's Too Much of a Good Thing

The app marketplace is clogging to the brink of a coronary -- and it's only getting worse.


5 Ways an Amazon Prime Video Streaming Service Could Best Netflix

Amazon is reportedly prepping an online video streaming service that would allow Amazon Prime customers to stream unlimited movie and TV shows for one flat fee of $79 a year.


Netgear CEO Goes Ape on Apple

Apple's closed model is all about Steve Jobs, Netgear CEO complains -- but what's it to him?

Does Lenovo Have a Death Wish?

Lenovo seems to be gambling its success on a couple markets where it faces the toughest competition and has the least experience.

GPS Fails: 10 Wrong Turns

Perhaps it's time for people to turn off their GPS and turn on their brain.

eBookFling Brings Digital Libraries to Kindle, Nook

Borrowers can create a wish list queue of books they would like to read and lenders earn 1 credit for every 5 books they list on the site as available for borrowing.


Apple's 10 Billionth App Download Met With 'Not Interested'

British family almost loses its prize when Mom assumes Apple's call is a joke.