Cybercrooks Tire of Windows -- They're After Your iPhone Now

Intrepid hackers have found more exploits in mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.


Apple Lifts Playboy Ban: 10 Reasons Why

A Playboy app containing all back and future issues, totally uncensored, is coming to the iPad in March.


iTunes, Safari Merger Qualifies as Dumb Rumor of the Day

A very iffy rumor from a not-so credible source that Apple wants to integrate iTunes into Safari should be immediately dismissed.

Opinion: MySpace is on Death’s Door--But Shouldn’t Give Up Yet

Opinion: How MySpace lost the social game to Facebook.

Upload and View Videos in Google Docs

The cloud-based office suite just got video support.

Is the Skype Crash Windows' Fault or Skype's?

Who's to blame for the massive Skype crash of 2010 that knocked 10 million users off the grid right before the holiday season? Microsoft's Windows? Or Skype itself?


Husband’s E-mail Snooping May Lead to Five Years in Prison

A Michigan man who checked his wife's e-mail because he suspected her of cheating is being prosecuted under a statute aimed at hackers.

Qriocity: Sony's Last Musical Stand

Qriocity seems destined to fail because of two reasons: not enough content and no portable devices for playback.


Apple Pulls Plug on WikiLeaks App

The app, which appeared in the App Store on Saturday and sold for $1.99, has been removed.


The Grinch Who Stole Porn for Christmas: UK Weighs Ban

Official urges a giant filter to protect kids from "adult material" -- but is that practical, much less possible to define?

Microsoft Makes Inroads with Bing, Releases New App Version

Bing's market share has risen, and Microsoft's latest update to the search engine's mobile app brings it closer to becoming an all-in-one resource.


Gmail Delegation: Another Reason to Ditch Microsoft Outlook

Google's new feature allows multiple users to access one Gmail account, perfect for families sharing one e-mail account or businesses.

Android Market Gets Huge Overhaul, But is it Enough?

The updates, which include improved merchandising of applications, will take effect before the end of the year and be applicable to all devices running Android 1.6 or higher.


Twitter Trends 2010: What the Tech World Cares About

Top tech tweets reach beyond the predictable to some noteworthy innovations.


Amazon Responds to Google eBookstore with Kindle for the Web

Kindle for the Web is expected to give users the chance to read full books in their browser and allow any website to become a bookstore offering Kindle books.