Chrome OS and Netbook: 3 Reasons for Success, 3 Reasons for Failure

Do the Chrome OS and the Chromebook stand a chance? Here are three omens of certain failure -- and three reasons it can succeed.


Kindle, iPad Aren't Mortal Enemies

What Apple-crazed iPad junkies and Kindle fanatics don't seem to understand is that the devices are two entirely different products.


Apple Expunges Antigay App from Store

The Manhattan Declaration app was an offshoot of the religious cause's condemnation of gay marriage and, by association, homosexuality in general.

The EU's Google Investigation: A Breakdown

This inquiry doesn't mean the European Commission has a smoking gun. Here's a look at some of the issues being investigated.

Microsoft TV in the Works?

The company is reportedly negotiating with networks and premium services, preparing to launch its own streaming service.


Google Fanboys Toss Eggs at Blurred-Out Street View Houses

The vandals splattered houses with eggs in an apparent protest against those homeowners' decision to have their abodes blurred out from Street View.

Next Gen 911 Will Accept Texts and MMS

The FCC says the update will expand the the emergency service's ability to capture important data -- and keep those reporting the crime out of danger.

Netflix Streaming-Only Plan Arrives with Price Hike

If you want a disc, you'll pay a premium as Netflix moves away from DVDs in some subscription plans.


Google Guns for Groupon

The online coupon site should prove a deal for someone -- be it Google, Yahoo, or another bidder.

Twitter Analytics: Measuring How Cool You Really Are

Analytics will give users a chance to see which tweets are most successful, which tweets caused people to unfollow, and who the most influential users are that reply and retweet their messages.

Hulu Cuts Price of Plus Service to $7.99 a Month

The $2 price cut can either be interpreted as a matter of economics or a desperation move, as Hulu works to compete with Netflix.

What is the Dell Inspiron Duo, and Does It Stand a Chance?

The Dell Inspiron Duo tablet/netbook is coming soon--what's the deal?


Path: Photo-Sharing Social Network isn't Very Social

Service strives for exclusivity over volume in search of a higher quality social network site.

Amazon's Pedophile Problems Continue: Nude Pics of Children Appear on Site

Amazon yet again finds itself forced to grapple with criticism over books it sells that appear to contain nude images of children.

Is Amazon Violating Free Speech by Pulling Pedophile Guide?

Amid the public outcries and widespread media attention, the online retailer initially defended its right to sell the e-book, but has since reversed course.