The Kindle Fire, One Week Later: Sales, Gripes, and a New Model

The Kindle Fire has only been on the market a week or so, but people are already talking about another model.

AOL Revamps AIM with Facebook, Google Chat Apps

AIM now features a seamless leap into video chat, and photo-sharing isn't relegated to URLs and text.

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Ships Early

The tablet is arriving two days ahead of schedule for people who ordered it for in-store pick up and home delivery.

Study Says Kindle Fire Will 'Delay' iPad Purchases -- Or Does It?

A new study by ChangeWave suggests the Kindle Fire will eat into iPad sales -- but the study is flawed.

E-readers Are Big Winners in Tablet Wars

As budget media tablets race to the bottom on price, e-book readers are the real winners receiving deep price cuts and improved features.

Your Wireless Carrier Probably Is Selling Your Personal Information--But Does it Matter?

If we don't actively protect our own data, does it matter if big businesses sell our personal details?

Gmail iOS App: 8 Features for the Rumored App

With Google reportedly on the verge of launching a native Gmail app for iOS, here's eight features I'd love to see included in the app.

iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Get Rudimentary iOS 5 Jailbreak

The iPhone Dev-Team proves that a jailbreak is possible with the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, but there's still plenty of work to be done.

Amazon Patent Forecasts Future of Restrictive, Joyless Gift-Giving

Want to force certain gifts on people while giving them the illusion of choice? Amazon has patented an idea for a "smart" gift card that will let the giver recommend items, track what's purchased, and restrict items from being purchased altogether.

Internet Trolls: The Psychology Behind the Rants

A psychology professor says complaining -- be it on the Web or alone in front of a mirror -- releases stress and makes the grumbler feel physically better.

Steve Jobs Media Blitz: Book, Web Memorial, and TV Interview

Celebrate the life of Steve Jobs with a new book, biographer interview, and memorial video.

RIM Apologizes for Recent BlackBerry Outages with Free Apps

RIM offers users free apps and a month of technical support as an apology for last week's outages.

Netflix Makes Good on Promise to Amp Up Streaming Content

New shows available from the CW network, which include Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries, bolster the Netflix library.

Fake Netflix App Poses Data-Stealing Risk

The Android app looks almost exactly like Netflix's official product but carries a Trojan.

Cool Features Your iPhone 4 Gets After Downloading Apple iOS 5

Not eligible for an iPhone 4S? Download iOS 5 to your iPhone 4 and you'll get a goodly clutch, but not all, of the new iPhone's capabilities.