Walmart Makes Big Facebook Push: Offers 'Rollback' Price Alerts

Walmart launches 3500 Facebook pages so you can friend your local store.

Controversial "Is My Son Gay?" App Pulled from Android Marketplace After Protests

Creator says the app had a satirical intent; others call it homophobic.

Hands-On With Facebook's 'Get Friend Map'

Has your Facebook recently been flooded with mentions of the Get Friend Map? Here's what it is.

Kindle Fire Teardown Pegs Price at $209.63

Amazon is selling its device at a loss, but that's exactly what the company wants.

Best Buy Starts a RIM PlayBook Fire Sale

A PlayBook will cost you anywhere from $299 to $499. Best Buy's move coincides with the unveiling of Amazon's $199 tablet, the Kindle Fire.

Watch Facebook's f8 Keynote Live

Several new features and tweaks are expected to be announced at f8. You can watch the event through your Web browser or an Android or iPhone app.

Don't Panic: The Netflix Qwikster Change May Be Exactly What You Wanted

Sure, Netflix modifies the DVD-by-mail service you know and love, rebrands it as Qwikster, and divorces it from streaming media. But don't lose all hope.


Will This Month's Reported MacBook Pro Speed Bump Be Worth Buying?

The reported speed bumps for the MacBook Pro line seem minimal. Here's some advice on whether to jump on them.

Amazon Kindle E-Book Lending Program: What It Needs to Succeed

Amazon's "Netflix for E-Books" lending program is still a rumor, and not popular with book publishers, but here are some ways it could work.

Amazon's New Look May Offer Clues About Tablet's redesigned website has a lot more white space, the messy sidebar on the left is gone, and the search bar is enlarged for touchscreen fingertip use.

Starz Ditches Netflix and Everybody Loses -- Especially Consumers

Changes in content and pricing change the streaming scene, leaving consumers with fewer options and cable companies with more power.

Netflix Protest Quietly Ends as Price Hike Takes Effect

Netflix weathered the storm of angry complaints to its customer service department well, and now the company's increase takes effect without any new outrage.


Financial Times Ousted from Apple's App Store

The newspaper refused to cooperate with Apple's new in-app subscription policies.

Americans Favoring Texting Over Talking, Study Says

A J.D. Power and Associates study says the decline in talking and jump in texting may be because networks are riddled with dropped calls and audio issues.


Facebook Kills Test of Its Deals Groupon-Clone

The company kills Deals on Facebook testing after four months; says it will focus on streamlining its location-based offerings.