Top Three Steve Jobs Speeches

Steve Jobs is a master of keynotes, commencement speeches, and product announcements. Here are three of his most memorable talks.

5 Reasons RIM's BBM Music Service Will Flop

RIM's BBM music service for BlackBerry devices is destined to fail in its current form.

Booktrack Thinks E-Books Need Sound Effects and Soundtracks

Do e-books need sound effects? One startup, Booktrack, thinks so.

Fox's 8-Day Content Delay Encourages Piracy

Fox's switch from a one-day content delay to an eight-day delay may be causing an increase in piracy.

PayPal Founder Envisions Libertarian Utopia à la BioShock

Mixing Ayn Rand theory with video game themes, a tech fund is building "Seasteading" micro-nations that will float to their own tune.

Charging Stations May be 'Juice-Jacking' Data from Your Cellphone

Hacker demonstrates sabotage of a charging station to deposit malware or siphon data from phones plugged in to invigorate.

AT&T Kills Low-Tier Text Messaging Plan, Pushes Unlimited Usage

For new customers, the choice is between a pricey per-text fee and an unlimited usage plan.

After the Riots: Can Social Media Stand Up Against the Bad Press?

Social media played a part in London's riots--but not everyone was logging in to perpetrate destruction.

PlayStation Vita Faces Fierce Competition from Game-Friendly Smartphones, Report

Handheld gaming system PlayStation Vita dubbed a "car wreck" months before U.S. release

Heello: Another Microblog to Join, then Abandon

TwitPic cofounder designs another social network, with links to its competitors.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

FCC Readies Revamp to 911 Emergency System

The next-gen 911 will accept text and video emergency calls, under the proposed overhaul -- and phone manufacturers will have to accommodate certain types of messages.

T-Mobile Renting Android Tablets at the Ballpark

The Android tablet rental costs fans at Angel Stadium $10 per game, and the device comes preloaded with a game-day program, free content from a magazine app and access to games and TV shows.

New iMac for Educational Institutions is Cheap--In More Ways Than One

Note: This model of the just-refreshed iMac is not for sale to individuals.

Is Howard Stern Torrenting the Movie 'Super 8'?

A copy of the movie is circulating on the torrents in advance of its DVD release, supposedly leaked by the celebrity.

Your Future Friends: Predicted by Where You Go and Who You Know

Discovering friends through geolocation is the only way to deftly sift through the crowded party and find new friends -- friends that you could actually hang out with in real life, too