Harry Potter's Pottermore E-Book Site is Now Open--for Scammers

Scam artists are selling fake early access to the Pottermore Web site or asking for personal data to register an "account." Either way, you're going to be sorry if you interact with them.

Zuckerberg's Sister Exits Facebook to Start Own Business

Randi Zuckerberg served as Facebook's director of marketing for six years. Her largest contribution to the site was its live streaming video channel, Facebook Live.

Facebook Lets Expectant Parents Share the News with 'Expected: Child'

The move, implemented so that parents-to-be wouldn't break Facebook's rules by creating a profile for someone who is underage, has stirred controversy for the social network.

Julia Roberts Ad Banned in the UK for Abuse of Photoshop

UK ad watchdogs bans ads for cosmetics that feature apparent heavy editing of actress Julia Roberts's face.

Mozilla's Boot to Gecko: A Mobile OS that Could Succeed

Boot to Gecko is a universal-platform OS that could theoretically drive futuristic desktops and is, according to Mozilla, the 'complete, standalone operating system for the open Web.'

Phony Apple Stores in China are Shut Down

It's not the blatant ripoffs that nailed them, though -- and some of the clone Apple Stores are still operating.

Twitter Won't Fly as High if it Flubs Bing Social Search Deal

There are too many powerful competitors on the social Web landscape for Twitter to be making enemies. If Bing bails on social search and Google decides not to come back, social search essentially ceases to exist.

Sony Executive: PSN Hack Was a Great Learning Experience

Sony's president of network entertainment said, 'a determined hacker will get you; the question is how you build your life so you're able to cope with those things.'

Google+ Gives Users a Chance to Conceal Gender

Google's move may seem like small potatoes, but it will reduce the confusion of assigning genders to businesses, and is also, in its own quiet way, a step in the right direction toward a more open and accepting social network.

Spotify's US Debut: Why You Should Care

Spotify is being hailed as a major challenger to Pandora, Rhapsody and Grooveshark, and its biggest one-up over the competition is its ability to play tracks on-demand.

Google Street View Cars Help Mend Post-Quake Japan

The camera-equipped vehicles are recording the damage and tracking reconstruction efforts in Japan, paired with Google's other humanitarian assistance.

Twitter's Promoted Tweets Returning; Follower Beware

The secret to avoiding advertisements clogging your Twitter timeline is to not follow companies. However, this tactic may not last for long.

Google+ Hangouts Video Chat Could Challenge Skype

Skype's newest beta is Windows-only at the moment, whereas Google+ Hangouts is browser-based and doesn't discriminate against any OS or requires an additional download.

Google Asks 'What Do You Love?' with New Service

With little fanfare Google introduces a new discovery tool called What Do You Love? that matches your interests with Google services.

Danish Police Aim to End Anonymity on the Internet

A proposal has been put forward at the Danish Ministry of Justice that will eradicate anonymous use of the Internet.