LG Announces Its Wireless Charging Pad for Mobile Phones

The WCP-700 wireless charging station is expected in April, priced at about $70. The company did not say if it would work with older phones or just newer ones.

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HTC Announces Big-Screen WP7 Phone for AT&T

HTC has just announced the first Windows Phone 7 device with a 4.3-inch screen for AT&T.

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Geek 101: Demystifying Custom Android ROMs (Part II)

In the second half of our Custom ROM tutorial, we cover kernals, picking the right ROM for your phone and choosing a theme.

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Kyocera Echo for Sprint: First Impressions

We got our hands on the Kyocera Echo tonight in New York City and while the dual-screen design impresses, the lack of 4G and a dual-core processor might hurt its chances of being a real threat in the smartphone world.

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Geek 101: Demystifying Custom Android ROMs (Part I)

You've probably heard a lot of talk about Custom ROMs or "mods" for Android phones, but how do you install them and what exactly do they do? We'll walk you through the basics of finding the right custom ROM and installing it on your Android phone.

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The Best Mobile Camera Apps

Google Android Power Tips: Master Froyo and Gingerbread

Have an Android phone that's rocking the Froyo or Gingerbread OS? We'll show you where all the sweetest tidbits are with these 31 power tips.

Smartphone Security: How to Keep Your Handset Safe

As smartphones grow more powerful than the PCs we used just a decade ago, they increasingly become the target of scam artists. Here's how to beef up security for your iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows handset.

Reckless Racing: Get Ready to Race With This Android Game

The perfect mix of graphics, game play, and options that is a blast to play.

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Rooting Your Android Phone: FAQ

Thinking of rooting your phone? We'll answer some of your questions and quell some of your fears.

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Quick Profiles: A Useful App for Managing Your Phone Settings on the Go

Quick Profiles works well, consistently, and quickly.

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Measure Your Heart Rate With the Instant Heart Rate Android App

Works bafflingly well, though it could use slight improvements in accuracy.

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8pen: Android Keyboard App Tries Something New

App offers a great concept that completely misses the mark.

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